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ChaoticInfinity Development and DerxwnaKapsyla celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to you all! Come look inside for details.

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So like I promised, Demo 5 of Faith & Prayer Version was uploaded today. It was released, but I was informed of a critical issue for players just starting the game - namely, you spawned ontop of a cliff when you left Professor Oak's lab. This was an oversight entirely on my part, I apologize for the inconvenience! Demo 5 has been updated to 5.1 and is now processing in the downloads.

That being said, Demo 5 doesn’t expand the plot in any significant way, but it does fix quite a few things from older builds, and improves upon already existing things. For example, though it won’t crop up in heavy duty until Demo 6, the Type Chart for Pokemon and Touhoumon have been combined, interlocking weaknesses/resists, etc. This makes for a grand total of 32 types currently in-game. Also, you know the infamous Black Void around every exterior map? That has been removed in this update. Yes, no longer will you feel like you’re trapped in The Abyss. Another thing added this update: For all you grind-a-holics out there, we’ve finally added the EXP Share to the game! How do you get it? You talk to the crossdressing fool who sucks at making video games and cannot say “Programing” to save his life my obvious self insert inside Celadon Condominiums.

Demo 5 has fixed a lot of miscellaneous bugs that have all been documented in the change log within the readme. For those who can’t be bothered to read the readme would like a condensed version of the change log for easy viewing, it can be found at this convenient pastebin link right here, or on the download page for Demo 5.

An important thing I NEED to notify you about before you download haphazardly. Due to how I fixed the void, maps have been shifted around on their X and Y axis. Your save position is locked to an X and Y coordinate, and remains in that position regardless of map changes. Meaning, you may be standing on an impassable object in this build. Before you update to Demo 5, please save inside a building.
Go on ahead and download Demo 5, it’s waiting for you to play and enjoy it! If you notice and bugs, please inform me right away and I will get on fixing them as quickly and as best as I can. Demo 6 may come quickly, considering most of the maps are done, but don’t expect a release before the end of 2014, haha.Happy Holidays everyone, and may you all have an enjoyable and safe remainder of 2014, and a wonderful start of 2015!

- DerxwnaKapsyla

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