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I'm working on getting the files together. Should have a stable build in about a week. Need to figure out an installation method; exe or zip/rar depends on how easily people will want to be able to remove this crap from their game

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Maps from Anomalous Materials to We've Got Hostiles have been alternately changed.
Need to do stuff so it can be installable.
Some encouragement wouldn't hurt either.
Troubleshooting map errors and texture foul-ups.
Removing herobrine.
Testing possible .VPK style release.
Trying to get a life.

I'm pretty sure no one cares whether or not this is "good" but just to be on the safe side I'm testing everything. Again.
I have a massive headache right now but I want to get everything down here while its on my mind.
Regardless of the quality, it should be known I've had no training with any source engine stuff; everything I know is rather self-learned. That means don't expect studio-quality work (oh wait its a messup mod, who cares?) I basically want it to be enjoyed and if nothing else make someone play HALF-LIFE (source) once more. Who knows, maybe vinesauce will pay it a visit but that's wishful thinking; god forbid anyone of major status to so much as glance in my direction.

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