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You never know, i might actually finish in time! (though i doubt it)

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After a long hard think, i decided that the plot of DH needed reworking, especially considering the plans I have concerning Portal 2.

The plot revolves around two Resistance members attempting to escape the Combine during the 7 Hour War. They come across the Enrichment Centre and head inside, not knowing that what awaits them is much worse than death by headcrab.

Basically, the Escapist is now Simon, and is now human throughout the entire game. Another two characters are now included, one voiced by me for simplicity sake. The reason for the splitting up of characters is to allow for Co-Op play in Volume Two, which will be developed as an addon/mod for Portal 2, and set on the Borealis.

Yesterday I sent a nearly final script off to Vance Elderkin, the voice of Simon. I am looking for someone to voice the 2nd new character, and i have a few people in mind. I'm looking for a British voice, someone who can do insanity very well, but still sound reasonably common. I actually think a Scottish accent would work quite well.

I am still looking for someone to animate the Chell Replacement PlayerModel, and I need help with choreographing a scene or two.

I finally have a direction for the mod now thanks to the massive flowchart of Post-It notes on my wall :D I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

On a sadder note, the next few weeks is the big exam season, and being in my final year of mandatory education, its gonna be quite hectic. Do not be too surprised if I fail to meet my Q3 Deadline.

Thanks for keeping with me all this time,

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