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Hey guys, I just wanted to say cheers to the nearly two thousand people that have checked out our game, and a massive thank you to the further seven-hundred odd people who have downloaded our little uni project on both here, and back on our own website ( ).

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Frankly, myself and the team have been completely blown away by the response from you guys! I think most of us thought that if we could get five-hundred or so people to see our game, we would be doing pretty well. Needless to say, now that the view-count has skyrocketed past that number, all of us are truly grateful.

Another phenomenon we really weren't expecting to hit our game was that of the 'Let's Play' video. Thus far we have had five, excellent LP/Review videos created by you guys! All of which have been not only really funny, heartwarming and surprising, but also really valuable from a development perspective. Needless to say, your compliments and criticisms have been heard, and whilst they may not affect Hyde, I do think that they will guide each of us on our future careers in Games Development.

As a way of thanking those early content creators whom have posted videos of our game, we created this page on our website ( ) hopefully to draw in a little more traffic for each of you budding YouTubers'! I hope you like it!

For the rest of you players', we really hope you enjoy/enjoyed Hyde, and please post up your thoughts on this page, or send me an email at ( ) if you need to offload an essay of opinions.

Finally, thanks once more you guys; we really appreciate the love, and keep exploring!
-Lachlan (Lead Level Artist), and the rest of the team behind Hyde.

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