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After 2 years of developments and 2 extra days of silence... It is here.

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First of all, which is the most important thing right now and right here, we would like to say sorry and thank you. Sorry for being quiet last two days, and thank you for not getting mad at us constantly. Last two days, we've been working on the game really hard, primarily because what could have gone wrong, has gone wrong. And by that we mean a lot of things. So many bugs appeared at once, it was impossible to release the game on the 23rd and so we had to delay the release.

Release of Warped Times: Pres3nt

Warped Times: Pres3nt is a puzzle platformer with action elements. Each level of the game requires you to connect two pieces of stone. There are two worlds between which you can switch by using special switches. Most of the time, each piece of stone is in a different world, so you need to use one-way teleports to transfer them into a single world, where you connect them.

You can download WT3 completely for free on our website, or right here on IndieDB. Also, if you have a GameJolt account, you can login in the game, and synchronize your achievements online.

We would like to thank everybody who was patiently waiting for the game, and all people who will play it. If you like our work (except the terrible 2 day delay), you can support us with money ($1 or more) on our website. We appreciate all support, and if you do support us, we have two special rewards prepared for you!

You will get access to bonus statues in the online Hall of Heroes, as well as to a locked part of a bonus Warp Room, which will reveal a short clip from the development of the game.

With your money, we will be able to invest into better... everything. And of course, we will buy a bat so we can punish Satik64 for stating the release date before he's 4400% sure we can get the game finished in that time.

In case you find any bug, crash, translation mistake or whatever - don't hesitate to contact us on our e-mail, which you can find on our website. And now...

Go save the world!

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