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The demo of Unreal Rise of Jrath is ready for download.

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Episode 1 Part 1 "Demo" finally released The developers behind Unreal - Rise of Jrath are glad to announce that the demo that contains the first part of the re-work of Unreal Playstation is finally ready for the public.

In this demo the player must explore new parts of Na Pali in order to locate and infiltrate the prison ship Vortex Rikers, last seen in the original Unreal. The player will get to explore decks of the ship that were sealed off to prisoner 849 and find out what has happened since the events of the original game.

Four level "sets" consists of Episode 1 part 1, since part 2 should end with e1l8 levels.
Part 2 will be hard to complete too, due to the fact most levels are missing from part2 as they were not recovered fully, while the other two episodes are mostly complete. I will surely need some help still regarding mesh work etc.

Multiple new items/enemies are present, but new enemies mostly make up the "dream-in-your-mind-like" levels. That is also because e1l3 concepts were heavily unfinished.
New creatures should be good news for certain people, especially the minotaur rework. There is a special secret level featuring big variant of the minotaur also.

Gameplay in the usual levels was kept as intact from original as possible. For those not familiar with the original levels using the low res psx textures, this pack should really feel fresh and new and should be at least of quality of good expansion pack.

New textures, loads of new textures and player skins, some coming from the graves of Unreal developement, some are completely new and fresh.

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