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Infos and changelog about the Crystallized Doom 1.9.1 release.

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Crystallized Doom 1.9.1

Before you install the new version, I recommend you to install this mod on a fresh Tiberian Sun install. Crystallized Doom is developend on this version of the game:

I have not included the additional music with 1.9.1
If you want music, you have to download 1.9 + Sound Fix and copy ONLY the files theme01.ini and scores01.mix into you game folder.

This is the changelog for 1.9.1


-No more crashing when picking up crates (Forgotten)


-Rocket Turret upgrade missing cameo added (GDI)
-Tiberium Core is now buildable (Forgotten)
-Trampler buildable (Forgotten)
-Tripod buildable (Forgotten)
-Jenner removed human voice (CABAL)
-Champion removed human voice (CABAL)



-Start Cash up to 34250
-Green Tiberium value is now 50$ (was 25$)
-Blue Tiberium value is now 100$ (was 50$)
-Red Tiberium value is now 200$ (was 100$)
-Tiberium Refinery can now storage 100 Tiberium units, total amount of 1000$ (was 800$)
-AI decreased attack delays
-AI increased money bonus
-AI defense teams changed to max 1

-Silo can now storage 60 units Tiberium (600$ in total)

-Silo can now storage 60 units Tiberium (600$ in total)

-Old Silo can now storage 40 units Tiberium (400$ in total)
-Bolver increased speed
-Bolver shoots now in 2 bursts
-Power Plant produce now 50 energy instead of 100

-Advanced Silo can now storage 80 units Tiberium (800$ in total)
-Core Defender increased rate of fire
-Cabal Power Plant produces now 400 energy instead of 200

Known issues:

-Game freezes sometimes after a unit explodes.
-Random freezes
-Random map generator crashes game
-Campaign not playable at all
-Missing buildup animation for Nod Pyramid (not sellable bug)
-Missing buildup animation for Nod Montauk (not sellable bug)
-Missing buildup animation for Cabal Power Reactor (not sellable bug)

You don't need any older version just download this and give it a go:

Crystallized Doom 1.9.1 (without music)

This update was really necessary and an bigger balance update will follow this one soon. We are working on 1.9.2 already.

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