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1.30 has been officially released to the public after 2 weeks of testing on the awpaholica warfare server. We have recieved lots of praise for the implementation of our new upgrade: Camp Insertion. NOTE: 1.23 was officially named 1.30 for clerification

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Camp Insertion upgrade allows you to spawn at more camps from a further range. The default range of spawning at a camp is 500m from your death location. This upgrade ups that value at each level ending with 10km distance at level 3. It comes at quite a cost for the last level, but is sure to let you capture towns/defend towns at a much faster rate.

Having said that, version 1.31 is now in development. With every inclusion of a new feature brings a lot of bugs into the gamemode. We are working very hard to fix everything while continuing to include new features. Here's the TODO list for 1.31:

- Fix fluctuating camp capture values (HIGH PRIORITY)

- Add 4 more slots to the game (HIGH PRIORITY)

- Fix AI Automanning defences (HIGH PRIORITY)

- Reposition depots/camps/defences (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

- Lower Bounties coefficient (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

- Add HALO and Attach abilities to MI-8 Bluefor (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

- Removoe HALO and Attach abilities from MI-24d (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

- Add more types of artillery ammo (LOW PRIORITY)

- Add more out of bounds to the north side of the map (LOW PRIORITY)

- Change independent's camp flag to proper flag (LOW PRIORITY)

- All camp flags should change to the country that owns the depot (LOW PRIORITY)

If you have any more suggestions, please leave us a comment!

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