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With the release of patch v1.0.5.0, we are happy to announce that we have made some considerable changes to the way Darkout operates that will hopefully in turn improve the end-user experience.

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Darkout should no longer require Administrator privileges for playing the game. Depending on your installation location, you will probably still need to run the Updater as an Administrator to ensure that it can write to the proper directories.

All character, world, and configuration data has been moved from p;pdata%\ALLGRAF\DARKOUT to your Documents\My Games\Darkout folder, separated into sub-folders for your convenience. The updater should take care of moving existing data to these new folders upon update.

EDIT: Do this before running the updater

To cut down on download times via the Updater you can download the RAR file below and extract all the images/folders into you installed game folder under Darkout\game\data\images


· Added "new" indicator to research items
· Added "new" indicator to crafting items
· Toggle HUD is "H"
· Ctrl+P will take a Screenshot and save it to Documents\My Games\Darkout\Screenshots
· Reduced plant growth rate
· Fixed launcher and rifle animations
· Torch return value fix
· Arrow dupe bug fixed
· Placing last torch now also removes it from the player
· Initial spawning for enemies behind pod removed
· Torch placement stacking fixed
· Button, socket updates, and motor graphics
· Up-scaled Glow torch model in players hand
· Crossbow angles and Flashlight fix
· Can shoot/attack in front of devices now
· Fixed Power Gauge displays
· Fixed Light Antenna
· Added LampPost1
· Added Wood and Metal Hatches
· Fixed power levels for generator and lights
· Antigrav and Pressure casing recipe’s added
· Add level/tier number indicator on research list
· Fixed multiple returns from split items
· Added menu button above action bar
· Fixed enemies spawning inside base unless there is no light
· No building while you're asleep or dead
· Tar bucket from escape pod now returns a bucket during crafting
· Fix pause / un-pause
· Made background tiles textures smaller in perspective (rock, dirt, crystal, etc)
· Fixed bow and crossbow aim animations
· Chests will now close when the players moves a certain distance away
· Removed research point awards for mining player placed blocks
· Gain research points only for first time crafted items and gathering resources
· Fixed glow torch placement
· Titanium should no longer generate near the surface of the world
· Removed unequipping armor with SHIFT+Click
· Player can now attack while in fluids as long as they are not fully submerged
· Fixed items not being removed from players hand when SHIFT+Clicked from the hotbar
· Fixed wolf's sonic howl not damaging player
· Standing in tar will now damage the player at 2 dmg/sec (it's steamin' hot!)
· Fixed Lava Biome crash
· Laser gun added
· Missing background textures added

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