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Greetings Friends. The time has come to unveil yet another update, and with that another massive amount of changes.

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Which are the worst balance changes in Rebirth?

Greetings friends. The time has come to unveil yet another update, and with that another massive amount of changes. Interior changes, landscape tweaks, graphical improvements and much more are included. As always please let me know if you run into issues or find bugs. Have fun!

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebith 5.5

Morrowind Rebirth [Main]

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
* Fixed an issue where guards of higher rank, such as Sellus Gravius, would describe themselves as simple guards (I'm an Imperial Guard..) instead of Knights etc.
* Fixed an issue where the Estate Agent in Ebonheart tells the player that the house 'River's Edge' is for sale for 25,000. when it's actually 20,000.
* Fixed an issue where the door to a guardtower in Ebonheart was using a door intended for shops (locked during certain hours of the day).
* Fixed an issue where the door to the Ebonheart Lighthouse was using a door intended for shops (locked during certain hours of the day).
* Fixed an issue where the Hunter's Belt had no enchantment. While at it I also gave it a more fitting enchantment.
* Fixed an issue where the Pelagiad mercenary, Lucret Closcius, would sometimes get stuck inside geometry.
* Fixed an issue where the Imperial Broadsword was using the Imperial Shortsword model.
* Fixed an issue where one bottle of Pyroil Tar was stuck inside geometry.
* Fixed geometry issues inside the Dwemer ruin Bthusal.
* Fixed some leveled lists that didn't work properly.
* Fixed pathgrid issues.
* Fixed typos.

Morrowind Rebirth Changes

Argonian Mission Changes

Thongar's Tradehouse Changes

Several interiors have been reworked, including the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart, and Thongar's Tradehouse in Khuul.

* Animated Pilgrims are now named, meaning they will no longer refer to themselves as "I'm Pilgrim" in dialogue.

* Added a museum attendant to the Hall of Wonders in Ebonheart, who can tell you a little something about the items on display.
* Corprus monsters are now more likely to spawn in the Red Mountain region, compared to blighted creatures.
* Wind Salts and Void Essence will no longer drop in common ingredient containers.
* Added a bit of clutter to the High Fane exterior in Vivec.
* Expanded or added more detail to the following interiors:
- Sadrith Mora, Dirty Muriel's Tradehouse.
- Fort Buckmoth, The Silver Barrel.
- Ebonheart, Grand Council Chambers.
- Ebonheart, East Empire Company Hall.
- Ebonheart, Argonian Mission.
- Ebonheart, Skyrim Mission.
- Balmora, Hlaalu Council Manor.
- Balmora, South Wall Cornerclub.
- Balmora, The Razor Hole.
- Hla Oad, Shurkul gro-Sharga's House.
- Caldera, Falanaamo's House
- Caldera, Governor's Hall
- Caldera, Caldera, Verick Gemain's House.
- Caldera, Elmussa Damori's House.
- Caldera, Irgola's House.
- Caldera, Hodlismod's House.
- Caldera, Guild of Mages.
- Khuul, Thongar's Tradehouse.
- Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern
- Seyda Neen, Red Lantern.
- Seyda Neen, Arrille's Tradehouse.
- Seyda Neen, Helvia's Shack.
- Seyda Neen, Odril's Shack.
- Ald'Ruhn, Guild of Mages.
* Landscape fixes and improvements.

Halfway Tavern

More cozy interiors changes!

Dagon Fel Changes
* Expanded the docks somewhat.

Molag Mar Changes
* Added some new structural elements to differentiate it from the Vivec cantons.
* Added some clutter to the canton walkways

Dren Plantation Changes
* The dock area has been completely revamped.
* Minor changes here and there.

Vivec Entrance, Western/Eastern Outposts
* Added two new outposts guarding the western and eastern approach to Vivec.

Molag Mar Changes

Molag Mar has recieved some much needed exterior additions.

Morrowind Rebirth Additions

New color variations for the Exquisite Robe

Alternative colors for the Exquisite Robe.

New Magic Weapons
* Truestrike (Longbow)
* Phantom (Longbow)
* Duskwarder (Longbow)
* Soulstring (Longbow)
* Windrunner (Longbow)
* Glass Mace

New Clothing
* Two color varations of the Exquisite Robe.

New Magic Clothing
* Ring of Intelligence
* Ring of Speed
* Ring of Strength
* Ring of Speed
* Ring of Luck
* Ring of Endurance
* Ring of Willpower
* Ring of Agility
* Ring of Elements
* Ring of Corruption
* Ring of Regeneration
* Ring of Rejuvenation
* Ring of Hellfire
* Ring of Snakebite
* Ring of Shockguard
* Ring of Frostguard
* Ring of Poisonguard
* Ring of Fireguard
* Ring of Diamondskin
* Ring of the Haggler

Watchman's Robe

New unique item - Watchman's Robe

New Unique Items
* Watchman's Robe

New Ingredients
* Twilight Membrane
* Dreugh Shell

Vivec Entrance, Eastern Outpost

New outposts have been added, guarding the western and eastern approach to Vivec.


* Ash Zombie health from 200 to 175.
* Ash Ghoul health from 250 to 225.
* Ash Gouhl (Dagoth) health from 300 to 250.
* Ascended Sleeper health from 400 to 350
* Ascended Sleeper (Dagoth) health from 450 to 375.
* Ash Vampire health from 1000 to 800.
* Lame Corprus health from 125 to 100.
* Winged Twilight health from 325 to 300.
* Golden Saint health from 350 to 325.
* Silver Saint health from 300 to 275.

Tweaked the weapon speed of a few weapon classes, as I felt they were a tad too slow and didn't feel that fun to use. These changes will affect all weapons within each class, except for some artifacts and uniques.
* Daikatana speed from 0.80 to 0.85.
* Halberd speed from 0.75 to 0.80.
* Claymore speed from 0.70 to 0.75
* Battleaxe speed from 0.60 to 0.70
* Warhammer speed from 0.55 to 0.65


Updated Assets

Updated assets

* Hundreds of graphical tweaks, fixes and improvements.
* New textures and icons for the Steel Towershield and Steel Shield. The textures now sort of match the rest of the Steel Armor set.
* New texture and icon for the Adamantium Shield.
* New model, icon and textures for Shield of Shadows.
* New model and icon for Elexir of the Imperfect.
* New model and icon for Potion of Heroism.
* New model and icon for Dagoth Brandy.
* New model and icon for Pyroil Tar.
* New model and icon for Blood Feast Shield.
* New model an icon for Magebane (old model was missing a few pieces, including the pommel).
* New models for Longships.
* New model for Gondolas.
* New icons for dozens of items.

Updated Assets

Updated assets

New models for some unique potions

New models for some unique potions

* A new alternative esp that removes all restrictions on spellmaking/enchanting, meaning you are now free to use fortify attribute, fortify skill etc.

And much much more!


Amazing work, as ever !

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aaah, exterior changes! i love these.

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Those changes are amazing!!!

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Lo puedo instalar en el emulador de android?

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