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After months of hard work 2.7 is finally ready for your enjoyment I never thought I'd manage to stop working on this beast (had way too much fun). I truly hope you will enjoy it! As always there's quite a massive wall of text down below. Be sure to let me know if you have any issues with 2.7! Enjoy.

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The main focus of this patch has been to improve the general quality of the mod, meaning finishing a lot of stuff that has been neglected for far too long. You will notice both minor and major landscape improvements in several areas, especially in the Shegorad Region, but also in the Ascadian Isles and the Bitter Coast. You'll be able to enter some new places, that previously had no interior. A lot of time were also put into balancing. Several leveled-lists were recalculated so that high-end weapons/armor won't drop as often, and at higher levels than before. Some spells had their spell-cost reduced to make them more useful for low-level mages. Enchantments are now less overpowered and balanced. On top of all this you will also be able to obtain some new Dwemer weapons and enjoy some bugfixes!


Here's a list of some of the things changed/fixed/added in 2.7:

Vanilla Fixes
* Removed Imperial Shield from Saprius Entius inventory, which was not needed since he's wielding two-handed steel warhammer
* Removed duplicate container "crate_01_limeware_uniqu" from Vivec, Arena Storage.
* Removed 6 duplicate Iron Shields in random_iron_fur_armor leveled-list.
* Fixed a floating doorway in Tel Mora.
* Fixed two floating shack-doors in Tel Branora.
* Added common_ring_01_mge to Caldera Mages Guild (scripted ring).
* Removed three Ash Curse spells from Senise Thindo, which she wasn't supposed to have.
* Added missing Netch Tower Shield to random_armor_netch_leather leveled-list.
* Added missing Bonemold Tower Shield to random_armor_bonemold leveled-list.
* Added missing Glass right/left glass bracer to random_armor_glass leveled-list.
* Added missing Iron Helm to random_armor_iron leveled-list.
* Added missing Steel Boots to random_armor_steel leveled-list. .
* Removed 'ownership' from several banners in Foreign Quarter Canalworks.
* Renamed ingred_scrib_jelly_02 name "Meteor Slime" to "Scrib Jelly".

Vanilla Fixes (Graphical)
* Improved UV and mesh for the Iron Towershield.
* Improved UV for "ex_nord_rock_01".

Rebirth Fixes

* Corrected the placement of the travel markers in Seyda Neen.
* Adjusted the reward for selling artifacts to the Mournhold Museum (based on the new values in Rebirth).
* Removed the door that goes from Jhamondile's house to Shenk's Shovel and vice versa.
* Removed collision from heather model. Thanks to "Pherim" for fixing this issue.
* Removed "resist frost" from several NPCs' that wasn't supposed it have it.
* Removed a "locked door" script from one of the doors to 'The Black Goblet', Suran.
* Fixed aiAlarm for several NPC's. Numbers were either too high or too low.
* Fixed several path-grid issues in Ald'Ruhn.
* Fixed several path-grid issues in Tel Branora.
* Fixed several path-grid issues in Gnisis.
* Fixed several path-grid issues in Suran.
* Fixed several incorrect AI-packages.
* Added north markers several interiors.
* Fixed several wall-gaps in Caldera.

Rebirth Changes/Additions
* Bloodmoon Skeleton Champions now wield Nordic Silver Claymores (instead of regular silver claymores).
* Bloodmoon Skeleton Berserkers now wield Nordic Silver Battle Axes (instead of random silver weapon).
* Morrowind Skeleton Champions now wield Silver Claymores (instead of random silver weapon).
* Imperial Travel Guides will no longer have a full collection of maps. Randomized using leveled-lists.
* Enemies using 'hand to hand' will now do health damage instead of fatigue damage.
* Removed random_loot_special (magic weapons/clothing etc) from regular crates and barrels.
- Increased the chances of magic items to appear in the other types of containers (chests etc).
* Renamed several keys. Example: Standard Key -> Wardag's Key. Still work in progress.
* Rebalanced several leveled-lists (weapons) so they are more balanced and varied.
* Some Dark Brotherhood assassins are now female.
* Raised mercantile and speech craft for all (or at least the majority of them) merchants.
* Added a travel option to the ship-master in Suran.
* Reduced the value of several artifacts (armor/weapons).
* Added Skull Shields' to Bloodmoon skeletons (instead of Iron Shield).
* Made some small improvements to the dock in Ebonheart.
* Added a new variation of the "Frost Giant".
* Scamps now have the ability to throw fireballs.
* Increased Kagouti's health and damage output.
* Increased Alit's health and damage output.

Landscape fixes and improvements (Shegorad Region, Ascadian Isles, Bitter Coast)
* Rezised/moved/added/removed/raised/lowered/ rocks, trees, bushes, grass etc to make the landscape look more natural.
* Fixed several texture seams.
* Smoothened unnatural terrain.
* Fixed hundreds of floaters.

New interiors (Thanks to Fulgore!)

- Seyda Neen, Coast Guard Cutters' Office
- Dren Plantation, Dren's Manor
- Suran, South Guard Tower
- Suran, North Guard Tower


New Armor
- Duke's Guard Helmet.


New Weapons
- Dwemer Crystal Claymore
- Dwemer Crystal Waraxe
- Dwemer Crystal Staff
- Dwemer Crystal Mace

New splashscreens by "Say". Artwork by: Bethesda. 9 others included in the package!


* New models for Dwemer ruins/buildings and other statics as Dwemer chairs, tables lamps and pipes. Credits goes to "ChampionOfHircine".
* The silver crossbow icon should now better represent the actual in-game model.
* 10 new splash screens cobbled together by "Say", using artwork by Bethesda.
* New unique models and icons for 35 amulets (both unique/magical ones).
* New improved models for Corpus Meat.
* New ingredient model for heather.
* New optional main menu by "Say".

* Removed several unnecessary textures/icons and meshes from the download-package.
* Renamed hundreds of objects in the cs, which will make troubleshooting easier.
* Removed Black Glass Shield/Tower Shield from the mod.
* Cleaned the esp from unused resources.

* A continued effort to improve the landscapes of Vvardenfell, mainly The Bitter Coast. I also plan to add more roaming bandits and other types of NPC's in different areas. Next patch will also feature some new gems (topaz/sapphire) and 3 new throwing stars among other things. I expect this patch to be ready for release by mid-June. Until then I hope you guys enjoy 2.7!


Great Job! Hoping to play this weekend... scamps have more fun!

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Sounds Nice :D

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Sweet baby Jesus!
Love you man.
Just one thing "NPC will do health damage while in hand-to-hand combat"
Can you make it so it applies for the player too? Maybe as optional file?

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congrats on release as always

hope you dont burn out soon lol

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