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Update time! Another huge update to the Morrowind overhaul known as Morrowind Rebirth. This will be a massive update and the changelog doesn't do it justice. I hope you'll enjoy the work that I've done!

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2.03 released!

For those who've played Morrowind Rebirth prior to 2.4 you need to follow these instructions:

Remove the following files from your folder.

- "XAscendedSleeper.kf"
- "XNetch_Bull.NIF"
- "XNetch_Betty.NIF"

These can be found in "Morrowind/Data Files/Meshes/r

Vanilla Fixes
* Gnisis, Barracks. Some beds were set to faction Legion, recruit. While others are set to spearman/trooper seemingly random. This made it hard for the player to determine if it were safe or not to use them.
* "Arrille" mention in the topic "popular potions/scrolls", a lot of stuff that he doesn't actually sell, now he does.
* "Red Colovian Fur Helm" will now have a unique icon and texture (red instead of yellow).
* "Iron Tanto" used the "Steel Tanto" mesh, adjusted so it uses "Iron Tanto" mesh.
* "Winged Twilight" now drops "Daedra Heart".
* Fixed a bunch of floaters.

Rebirth Fixes/Changes

* Put a lock to "Cienne Sintieve's" bedroom door, Ald'ruhn. Also rebalanced her stock so she sells standard potions (instead of cheap) + added a few potions that I belive was missing.
* Made some changes to "Jarl Ragnarsson's House", Caldera. It just didn't seem plausiable that he would know the player and give his house away for free.
* Fixes an issue with "Balyn Omaryl" turning up dead inside his home before the quest that requires you to kill him (needs testing).
* Some small changes near Dren Plantation, removal of unnecessay statics and a few slaves (will hopefully improve the fps).
* "The Silver Barrel", near Khuul had a locked entrance door. This made it impossible to enter without using the console.
* "Shelter", at the Ghostgate had a locked entrance door. This made it impossible to enter without using the console.
* Fixed a platform in "Ald'ruhn, Guild of Mages that were clipping with the ceiling in the room below.
* "Journeyman's Armorer's Hammer" and "Apprentice's Armorer's Hammer" had mixed up weight stats.
* "Miaren Drans's" shack in Gnaar Mok were impossible to enter due to a missing travel marker.
* Shalk's will no longer be agressive. This does not apply to the Diseased and Blighted Shalk.
* Writs did only get you out of 1080 worth of bounty instead of the required 2250.
* Fixed an issue with the "Morag Tong Gauntless" clipping with the player body.
* Removed any changes related to soul-gems, as this broke the capture mechanic.
* Increased the chance of rain in the "Grazelands" from 10 % to 20 %
* "Rufinus Alleius" is now an "Enforcer" instead of an "Acrobat".
* "Armored Dwarven Spectre" changed into "Dwarven Guardian".
* Fixed a floating window by the "Six Fishes, Ebonheart".
* "Dire" weapons are now Silver instead of Dwemer.
* Fixed incorrect weapon stats.
* Corrected a few typos.

Rebirth Additions

New Creatures
* Encounter the "Electric Slaughterfish" mentioned in lore, by "PeterBitt".
* New Riekling Rider variation.

New Weapons and Armor
* Duke's Guard Armor Set.
* Adamantium Longbow.
* Berserker Helmet.
* Indoril Greaves
* Indoril Spear.

* Reworked several areas in the "Ascadian Isles", "West Gash" and "The Bitter Coast". This includes fixing seams, floaters, bad vertex shading, better placement for statics and some small additions.
* New maps added to Travel Guides, covering provices such as Hammerfell, Skyrim, Highrock etc.
* Some small edits in Gnisis.
* Revamped Chargen (Part 1).

* Reduced the amount of gold of the Mudcrab Merchant from 10000 to 5000.
* Reduced the amount of gold of the Creeper from 5000 to 2500.
- Sorry, these "guys" had way too much gold.
* The enchantment, "Cuirass of the Savior's Hide" had a constant effect, 60 points "resist magica". Changed from 60 to 50.
* The enchantment, "Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw" had a constant effect, 40 points "agility/endurance". Changed from 40 to 20.
* The enchantment,"Saint's Black Sword" now has "cast on strike" instead of "cast on use".
+ a lot of other changes to artifacts.
* Dagoth encounters will spawn much earlier in the Red Mountain Region.
* Slightly adjusted the weight of Tantos, they were a bit too heavy.
* Orcish weapons will no longer "Ignore Normal Weapon Resistance".
* Scrap Metal won't drop as often. Chance none: from 40 % to 75 %.
* Katanas are now slash/chop weapons, rather than thrust weapons.
* Daedras will no longer spawn in the Red Mountain Region.
* A new pass on armor health/value.
* Scrap Metal value from 20 to 75.


* Removed "Vurts" variations of the "Emperor Parasols" (The huge mushroom trees) and replaced them with the vanilla Parasols. This will also remove many of the issues using this mod along with "Tamriel Rebuilt: Sacred East".
* Adjusted the textures/meshes of several trees, bushes and flora in the "West Gash" and "Ascadian Isles" to better fit the color scheme of vanilla Morrowind.
* Indoril and Fur Pauldrons will no longer appear to be "bulky" Thanks to "hollaajith" for his mod.
* Fixes for a lot of issues with the Daedric tile-set. Thanks to "Slartibartfast1".
* Fixes for a mesh error on Imperial Houses. Thanks to "kirlian voyager".
- Before:
- After:
* Removed the reflection-map from the "Absinthe" bottle.
* New Comberry Bush. Thanks to "Pherim"
* Improved skybox for the "Deadlands".

And a lot of other fixes and additions!


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