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This time we can provide you with our newest release Mission III - Crystal end. Furtheremore we provide you a small End-Of-Year Review because many thing have been released and created this year by Fantasyhaze....

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End-Of-Year Review 2010
This year I started with the totally new and inovative mod PSP Remote where you can connect the PSP and Crysis together to gather a totally new gaming experience. A few weeks later, an Irrlicht3D port for PSP called SEELE was released, which wasn't open to public anyway (due to the use of the official PSP devkit), but there was a small preview video on youtube (SEELE - Engine). In sommer this year I finally release the next episode of Crybusters - Mission II - Cryst end evil (see below). Beside those project 2 term papers have been released. Now where I'm attending the masters degree I don't have much time left. Atm there is one project left for crysis wars - The Dam. Furthermore I'm developing a own 2D (C++) Engine based on OpenGL ES 2.0 which is already working on PC/OSX/iOS. Therefore I released Crybusters Mission III today.

Crybusters Series - A non success?
Badly for all fans of Crybusters Mission III will never be finished because of my lack of time. But to support all modders out there, I have release the last 2 levels as they are. Very WIP but with many places created in hundreds of hours by me. Big THX to LIAM for creating the Snoey Hunt village fight place - I'm sorry that it was never released!Crybusters Mission III (three) is the 3rd part of the Crybusters MOD series for Crysis/Crysis wars. After successfully releasing Mission I and Mission II with more than 20k downloads there was some piece missing to finish the story around the Crybusters. However, due to lack of time and interest of the community in the project I decided to release the 2 levels as they are. The levels are not playable ingame but in the editor. You can find more information about the MOD on To use those levels you have to download Crybusters Mission II and add the levels to the mod levels directory. To get a impression what have been archived until now I have created a short Trailer with music from Erik Ekholm from Brickwall Audio. Thank you Erik for supporting me with so many good tracks, you rock!

Trailer Crybusters Mission III

You never played Crybusters? Then check out the trailer and walthought if you get stuck during playing or if you can not play the mod on high details!

Trailer Crybusters Mission I && II

Walkthough (1h16m) Mission I && II:
To provide a quick walkthough (1h16m) some HQ videos have been posted on odbb channel on youtube. Everything recorded is ingame material (music & picture and was not changed afterwards). Ingame capture with Fraps to provide media for everyone who can not play the mod. Following hardware was used to play the mod with Crysis Wars 1.5:

  • Nvidia 280gtx
  • Intel Core 2 Extreme Q6850(4x3Ghz)
  • 8GB Ram

Installation guide:

  • Download Crybusters Mission II (see download links below)
  • Go to your Crysis Wars mod root folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis Wars/Mods. (if not existing please create the mods folder inside your Crysis Wars root folder)
  • Eventually backup an existing Crybusters folder with the same name.
  • Extract the Crybusters folder from the downloaded archive if necessary by using an extracter such as 7-zip.
  • Copy the downloaded Crybusters folder into the mods folder.
  • Download the Mission III levels from the download below (
  • Extract the Crybusters-MissionIII_Levels_V0.0.1 levels to the Crybusters mod level folder (where the others are) -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis Wars/Mods/Crybusters/Game/Levels/
  • Start Crysis Wars in editor with the launcher and load the level.
  • NOTE:You can use this mod levels only with Crysis Wars Version 1.5 and above and a working Crybusters Mission II mod!

  • Download Mirrors Crybusters Mission I && II:

  • Mission I is already included in Mission II, so you do not have to download and play the first mission separately. It's good to play it because some changes in the story have been made.

    -Download MII @
  • Download MII @
    -Download MII @ Fantasyhaze

    Download Mirrors Crybusters Mission III:
    Mission I is already included in Mission II, so you do not have to download and play the first mission separately. It's good to play it because some changes in the story have been made.

  • Download MIII Levels @
    Download MIII Levels @ Fantasyhaze

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  • Crybusters - Mission II
  • Crybusters - Mission II
  • Crybusters - Mission II

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    kazarr - - 253 comments

    Crysis mods are often graphically very beautiful, which I'm a fan of. computer can't nearly handle Crysis. If it could, I'd have Crysis, and if I'd have Crysis, I download this mod because it looks interesting from the lower trailer.

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    WaLTaRRoN - - 433 comments

    Interesting work! i'll try it out.

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    Tempest_Wales - - 110 comments

    None of the links work in the article. All I'm getting from Moddb is "The URI you submitted has disallowed characters: 'http:"

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    ADTeam™ - - 1,293 comments

    holy sh*t! how could i miss this mod? tracking!

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