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A leaked version of the cancelled release IV, this release will never be completed.

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Here is the internal release IV that was cancelled due to the fact that the allies were not that interesting.
A second attempt to revive the release failed when the Phase transport was added. While this added significant interest and danger to the late allied game, the allies still felt far too 'GDI', especially with all the GDI structures that they still had.

Release 4 alpha
C&C Red Alert History: Release 4 alpha

This release will never be finished has I have reached the limit of additions-per-release that I had set.

This alpha was tested for a while, but there are still some outstanding issues, however there are no crash issues (that I experienced).

Known issues

  • Iron curtain support power has issues to do with the way that the code interprets range vs radius. This means that anything on the edge of the powers radius will get a red tint (making you think that it is invulnerable) , but will not actually have any invulnerability.
  • When firing at something that is invulnerable, some weapons will not draw a projectile. Also many weapons do not show any hit FX against something that is under the Iron curtain.
  • The Iron curtain structure does not have a really damaged model, due to an error by me, however the glow FX are the really damaged version, which looks odd.
  • Sometimes Aircraft will not get tinted red despite the fact that they are effected by the Iron curtain (Similar issues with the Iron decay support power).
  • The Iron decay support power will tint items that it cannot effect, this is due to buggy EA tint code. It also suffers from similar issues with its usage has the Iron curtain.
  • The Iron decay support power does not seem to have much of an effect. The abilities effect needs to be more pronounced. It is questionable has to whether it works at all vs your opponent (it does work on your own vehicles, but the armour reduction is too subtle).
  • Badger bomber has Nod Venom voice when dying.
  • Psychic beacon ability 'reveals' (you can already see them but they flash yellow) all allied, has well has enemy units. There is no known way around this.
  • Ore purifier actually gives a 28% boost and not 25%. It is not possible to get a 25% boost and the next available percentage down from 25% was too low.
  • The Soviets have no Hero unit, artillery or main super weapon. Deal with it!
  • Sometimes the 'Red cross' icon that appears when infantry are being healed by the Medic, will appear and float around the map randomly!

Hints and Tips


  • The AI air-strike powers will always target your refinery. Use this information to practice intercepting an incoming air-strike using aerial units (you can of course set up ground based interception instead\has well).


  • The APC and Phase transport have a drop modifier. This means that any infantry that exits from them receive a modifier that slows them down for a few seconds. This was done to reduce the frankly boring Engineer+APC opening moves that the Tiberian C&C series are famous for. Also it means that you have a few seconds to react (even if means selling a structure) to the nightmare Phase+Engineer or Phase+Tanya combinations.
  • The Allied medic has benefits other than healing. The Medics heal aura doubles the health of effected units and also increases their rate of fire by 150%! The catch is that the Medic must be alive for these benefits to be gained (the medic is always the weakest member of the squad and has no weapon). Also units\squads that cannot gain a Medic from the upgrade, can still get all the above benefits if they stand close enough to a Medic! (please note that multiple Medics do NOT stack their various benefits).
  • The British Sniper is the Allied garrison clearer (one unit at a time, if it is 3 squads of Conscripts you will be there for a while!).
  • Tanya gains the ability to heal while away from combat once you purchase the Medic upgrade. For those who use the Temporal belt defensively, once you've made your speedy escape to a safe distance, you can regain any lost health and be fresh and ready to cause more havoc!


  • Infantry inside the Soviet Bunker are still immune to garrison clearing weapons!
  • If you feel that your Nuclear reactor is about to be destroyed, sell it, to avoid having to deal with the fallout.
  • The Psychic beacon, has well has providing a support power, is also a full range stealth detector (ie equal to detector units detecting range) and also it will attempt to deflect small missiles that are fired within a radius around it (same has the Scrin Storm column). These extra abilities can be very useful when facing the Allies and the deadly Phase transport, so consider building more than one Psychic beacon in order to protect key areas in your base.


  1. Sometimes when I go to capture an AI Tiberium spike, it gets destroyed right after capture, is this a bug? No, both Allied and Soviet engineers can place booby traps, and both AI's will occasionally place a booby trap themselves!
  2. Unit\Structure X is missing? No they are not, if it is not in the image section, it is not in the mod, hardly complicated.
  3. Why are there C&C3 structures and units? This is a small mod that adds a few classic units, not a near total conversion! typically a History release will add around 10 items (sometimes more, sometimes less). If that bothers you, then this is not the mod for you.
  4. Will this release be fixed? No.
  5. Will there be another release? Maybe. If you see an update that says *New for release 5*, there is going to be another release, if not...
  6. IF there was a future release would it have...? A future release would mostly add the basics of a Yuri side, a couple of Allied structures to lessen the 'GDI' effect and something small but interesting for the Soviets. Most of the 10 items would go to the Yuri additions (I wanted a minimum of 5 items in order to add Yuri).
  7. So there is no point in posting any feedback? Of course there is! If there was another release than the information could come in handy. Do not bother to suggest additions, it's already decided, but bugs, playability or AI feedback is still welcome. It is up to you.
  8. Why is this an 'alpha'? The balancing was unfinished (not enough play-testing) and there are some basic errors that you would not expect from a properly tested Beta (For example the Iron curtain really damaged state issue). However despite that, all build ups, damaged textures, cameos (some need work), descriptions and destruct animations, has well has quite a few new FX have been done. What many call a 'Beta' I would refer too has an alpha (just like several video game companies blatantly release 'Betas' and claim that they are a finished product).

Who knows, unlike me you might enjoy this!


Thanks for the release, i quite enjoed ( and will enjoy ) playing it. I really like your attention to details, tesla coil is mastepiece, as well as other fine ideas like iron curtain, which really works nice. I did liked some of your FX, i liked infantry, it's now really worth to be bought. Allied stuff is great too. I like your job with textures and shader usage. There's to much nice things to mention, it's better to check 'em out by yourself.

As for future releases - i think it's worth your time. I kinda miss Yuri stuff and Tesla trooper as well as good 'ol Nuke. I think others will agree with me.

Great job Madin.

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Madin Author

Thanks for your kind feedback!

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Great mod i like it a lot, has a more serious atmosphere than ra3 which is a nice change, feel like i can take this mod more seriously than ra3 :) beautiful work

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Madin Author

Thanks for your interest!

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Thanks for the release, I really like it, and I hope you will one day continue with this mod. ;)

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Madin Author

Thanks!, I am glad that you got some enjoyment out of it!

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i'm downloading it now to check it out cuz it Looks really great

will make a review on the mod as fast as i am done playin might take a while though so don't wait on me mate =)

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