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Lemma is coming to Steam May 12. Nearly five years of development comes to an end...

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I'm proud to announce that Lemma is coming to Steam May 12. Check out the store page.

Here's what's new just since the last update in December:

The campaign, previously seven levels, is finally finished with the addition of thirteen new levels, plus a major overhaul of existing levels.

Ashton Morris joined the team, contributing 5 new gorgeous music tracks and helping me wrap up the remaining audio. Here's a preview of Ashton's work.

Oculus Rift support has been expanded, improved, and battle-tested by hundreds of playtesters.

Other exciting stuff:

  • Steam leaderboards
  • "God mode" (???)
  • Massive performance improvements - read more here
  • Movement code overhaul - read more here
  • Level editor is much more pleasant to use now

It's been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs and I could not be more excited to see people play the finished product. Thank you for your support all these years.

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