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Release date has been pushed from 9/5/11 to 9/18/11 in compliance with the Campaign Contest. Additional content will be provided as a result of the extended time.

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While the campaign's release date was set for September 5th, the contest that this project was created for has been pushed back and will not be accepting submissions until September 18th (more info here: As such, I've been forced to elongate the production time until that date. As a result, expect more missions - given the time, I may have a small mini-campaign that follows some of the Protoss featured in the Zerg campaign.

Presently, "An Unborn Prophecy", Rivalry's Zerg campaign, is planned out for seven playable missions and one cinematic epilogue map. Again, with the extended time allotted for production, this may increase. Either way, I will continue to update the project file here on ModDB as new missions are completed and I record gameplay, voiceovers, music, screenshots, and the like. I do apologise for the delay but I believe that you'll all enjoy Rivalry's Zerg campaign much more now that I have more time to include bonus material.


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