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Command & Conquer 5 Return Of The Scrin will be Re-Released coming 25-12-2020. Though this is subject to change without warning dependant on network connection.

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For those who've retired from the field, we urge that you come out of retirement. Reports of new activity have surfaced, and the situation is looking bleak.

Scrin forces converging around the moons of Jupiter

GDST Enterprise lost contact with Central Command at 23:42 ZULU Time 24-12-2077. It is believed that they the Scrin have lost contact with their Threshold Tower and due to this had to make the journey the old fashioned way. The pattern of attack is the same as before. They are destroying probes using asteroids, and blocking there signal before we can receive any information.

However, this time, we know they're coming, and we know there is nothing that will stop them this time. We got lucky before, but this time they've brought what looks to be a planetary destroyer. An anonymous source has informed us that its capabilities are beyond that of what we can deal with. What's worse is, Planetary Evacuation is impossible. It is unknown as to why they appear to be holding back, they appear to be waiting for something... Though we can only imagine what that could possibly be.

Declassification of the Events of the Ascension Crisis

It was initially believed that the TCN Project would bring an end to NOD, and it did. It was also believed that the TCN Project would bring an end to the threat of Tiberian and Tiberium alike, and at first it looked promising. However, the Threshold Tower stopped responding during the eradication process. Satellites detected unknown energy signatures around the Threshold Tower, then around an area in the sea.

A Second Threshold Tower survived

It appears that a second Threshold Tower happened to be on the planet, only this one was never detected originally. Located down a trench deeper than that of the Mariana Trench, something was hiding this one during its construction. Details of this second tower remain classified to all GDI personal.

Strange Events - Old Battleship Appears in Port in the US

Shortly after the Threshold Tower became unresponsive, a report of a Battleship appearing in a Port located in the United States surfaced. Its Captain and other Crew appeared to be suspended in time, and the ship soon disappeared thereafter taking some engineers with it. Witnesses reported a loud cracking sound and a bright flash of blue white light.


All personnel are being called back to service.

Subscription is Mandatory, please report to your nearest Recruitment Station or Base.

Those with Personal EVA Terminals will be required to verify there Commander Identification Codes at their terminals and manually install the EVA5 Interface before proceeding.

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