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So I can now finally set a release date on the next public version! Version 1.0.5

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So yeah Release date will be at: 22nd of June 2013, three days before the release of
Company of Heroes 2.

The Mod itself will maybe be out when this post is publicized I don't know.
so the changes since v0.9 is enormous. And I really hope you like what I have done.

the newest and latest thing I have added is a dynamic Weather, Day and Night cycle.
Once a game starts the weather will be like you have chosen on game setup, but then after some time the sun will maybe turn into dark and wet clouds causing rain and maybe even a thunderstorm will appear. then after even more time the sun will re-appear or the rain will just disappear.

Shows the weather system:

Doctrines have been improved heavily, the Doctrine names are as follows:
America(Navy doctrine, air support, reinforcements)
Wehrmacht(Panzer support, artillery, secret weapons)
Panzer Elite(Urban Warfare, Panzer Support, Luftwaffe)
Commonwealth(Defense and artillery, Royal Air Support, King and Country)

all Factions have their own way of healing and reinforcing units, and each faction have gotten brand new strategies to conquer the enemy.

two new Win-conditions have been introduced!
Timer(Fight a normal annihilation match only with the difference that there is a timer, if the time runs out the game will look for the team with most Strategic points, if both teams owns the same amount of points, the game will automatically and randomly pick the winner.)
Command Units(You start with a single squad, your command unit. the main objective is to keep him alive. while trying to kill your opponents commanders. all commanders is made out of four solders, and has the same abilities.)

download link:
a more official release will be up later today

Operation Europe v1.0.5
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