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Get the details on the release of ModCraft: Sweet Dreams!

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For today's news:

We have been hard at work getting this mod finished this month, and it appears we just might pull it off.
Many items, blocks and mobs have been changed.

The furnace is an oven, the dispenser is a soft serve machine,

the dropper is a gumball machine, bows are candy canes and shoot peppermints,

the axe is a giant lollipop, stone has been transformed into muffin,

the sand is white sugar grains, mushrooms are cherries,

the dirt is cake with a chocolate frosting top, mycelium is cake with a cherry frosting top,

Wool is a cream roll candy, wood planks or different types of chocolate,

the zombies are chocolate and drop chocolate bars,

the skeletons are gingerbread men with candy canes that drop peppermints,

the creepers are white chocolate, endermen are peppermint sticks,

the slimes are jello squares, the ghast is a giant smore,

the chickens are chocolate and lay chocolate eggs, the sheep are frosted muffins,

the cows are cake with chocolate frosting that drop un-frosted cupcakes but when put in the furnace they become frosted,

mooshrooms are cake with cherry frosting topped with cherries.

the tall grass is Cherry lollipops, and there is much much more!

Some items and blocks as well as very few mobs, will remain unchanged for now, but we will continue to work on this mod while we work on our other projects and mods.

You will soon be able to play ModCraft: Sweet Dreams! We will release the first version within the next few days.

Thank you for watching and supporting our developments, we hope you will continue to watch our developments grow.

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