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Essential fixes and balance adjustments for release 6.

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Release 6.10 changes


This update is deemed necessary because of several issues that are being caused by Nod (both AI and player controlled).
Release 6 was only tested on the official maps, which are simply not enough to provide a stress test of the mod.
Having downloaded a 'silly' instant regrowth tiberium map, the issues are more apparent.

Performance fixes

  • Nod AI can no longer use the Radar jamming support power. There is a noticeable pause every time the AI uses this power, and until I can find out why, I will remove the AI usage of it.
  • Nod AI can no longer use the Decoy support power. The AI's ability to cheat while using this support power was becoming a problem + from a performance perspective a support power that instantly creates a bunch of units which use game engine resources was not very sensible.
  • Nod AI can no longer use the Buggy EMP ability. There are several issues with the way the AI attempts to use this ability, and until I can work through them I am disabling the AI's usage of it.
  • Nod AI Banshee no longer use the 'Aircraft scan' support power. They do not really need it.
  • Nod AI will now build the SSM a lot less frequently. They often go over the top with the number of SSMs they build.
  • Reduced the number of particles that are used for the SSM chemical and napalm warheads.


  • GDI Component tower SAM upgrade cost is now correctly $700 and takes 7s to research (was $800 and 8s). I had forgotten to change the upgrade price!
  • GDI Sonic upgrade button tool tip now correctly states that it will only upgrade a single Mammoth. It still stated that it upgraded all mammoths because I forgot to update the tool tip.

Balance changes

Please note that these are emergency nerfs!

  • Jackhammer warhead 'CANNON' damage no longer effects infantry. There is a special 'SNIPER' damage section for the infantry, so there is no need for the 'CANNON' section to also do damage.
  • Jackhammer warhead 'SNIPER' damage reduced from 500 to 325. Was unnecessarily strong vs infantry.


  • Nod Banshee 'Elite armour' upgrade cost increased from $1000 to $1500, upgrade time increased from 30s to 45s. Upgrade was available too fast for its effectiveness.
  • Nod Banshee health reduced from 3500 to 3000. The Banshee had far too much survivability for its speed and attack power, this change makes the Banshee more reasonable, while still very strong.
  • Nod SSM experience point requirements doubled. Because of the massive damage radius of the SSM, it is possible for them to get kills\damage against multiple units and structures in a single volley. This means that they can rank up extremely quickly in comparison to other artillery pieces, and this is doubly an issue with the SSM due to the heroic nuclear warhead. Doubling the experience requirements slows down the SSM's ability to reach heroic rank in both offensive and defensive situations.
  • Nod Heroic SSM nuclear pre-attack delay increased by 1.5s. This means there is more time to wait for the first usage of the nuclear warhead and a longer wait for each subsequent use.
  • Nod SSM persistent chemical field no longer adds negative attributes to vehicles. This means that the chemical SSM projectile has to hit vehicles to affect them. Previously if any vehicles wandered into the persistent chemical clouds, they would get negative attributes just has if the actual chemical projectile had hit them. This meant that there was no reason not to force fire multiple SSM with chemical warheads into a wide area, because no actual hit was needed to affect vehicles, if they went into the clouds they got negative attributes and Banshees would swoop in and destroy the weakened vehicles. Since this is no longer the case, this will hopefully lessen instances of players force firing their chemical SSMs. Please note that the persistent clouds still do damage to both infantry and vehicles.

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