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Balance adjustments for Release 6 that effect Nod and the Scrin

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Nod balance changes

Chemical Warrior

  • Weapon range increased to 300 (was 180). Also increased the range of the squad range finder. This makes the Chemical warriors a lot more usable.
  • Weapon now effects Disruptors. Previously while it may have tinted Disruptors it did not actually do anything to them (because slowing the rate of fire would have visibly messed up the look of the beam).


  • Reduced shroud clearance. Not so effective has a scout now.
  • Reduced loading\unloading delay to 1s (was 2s).
  • Increased take off\landing speed to 9 (was 6). Both these changes are designed to make Chinook use more responsive, it should be a more reasonable alternative to the APC now.
  • Fixed experience point rewards.

Elite Cadre

  • Rocket damage VS infantry reduced to 25%. Part of the overall reduction of rocket weaponry VS infantry.
  • Explosive charge damage increased to 2500 (was 2000). This is a big deal because it now means that the infantry squads you get from the support power can now destroy a Refinery\War factory class building if they all plant their explosives together. This should make potential early rushes worthwhile if executed correctly.
  • Moved support power from Operation centre to Secret Shrine.
  • Support power price increased to $2,500 (was $2,000).
  • Elite Cadre members can no longer call the Stealth Chinook. They can only call the normal version now. They still get dropped off via stealth Chinook, however allowing them to call stealth Chinooks made it far too easy for a Nod player to scout.
  • Elite rifle + rocket infantry experience reward + requirements doubled. Harder to rank up and you get more experience from killing them.


  • Stinger range increased to 375 (was 350).

Light tank

  • Reduced shroud clearance to 400 (was 450).
  • Reduced vision to 350 (was 400).

Scrin balance changes

Shielded Harvester

  • Now has shield body armour. Has special amour for when the shield is visible.
  • Reinstated the ion storm death! If the Scrin harvester is destroyed it will spawn an ion storm whose duration depends on the amount of tiberium contained in the destroyed harvester!
  • Reduced shield hit points to 500 (was 2,500!). Would be overkill to have such a strong shield now (this is the Kane's Wrath figure).

Scrin Ship

  • Range of main artillery plasma weapons increased to 750 (was 625). Nasty!
  • Scatter length of main artillery plasma weapons increased to 200 (was 150).

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