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GDI general fixes and bug changes. Balance changes to History additions will be done in another post.

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GDI General

( Mostly fixes to art or code bugs, with some balance changes. Balance changes to 'history' additions will be done in a separate list )

  • Juggernaut weapon range increased to 675 (was 600). This is to separate it from the MLRS and make it clear that this is the higher level artillery piece.
  • Removed Juggernaut 'animal' animations. EALA...
  • New Juggernaut shell impact detonation + there is no longer a 'hit ground' FX. There is always visibly an explosion.
  • Juggernaut warhead damage radius increased to 50 (was 25). More closely matches the new FX, and makes slightly more sense when it comes to the supposed size of the Juggernauts cannons.
  • Composite armour now takes 60s to research (was 20s). Another strong upgrade that was available far too quickly.
  • Adjusted Humvee hue to more closely match other GDI vehicles.
  • Fixed AGT rear weapon usage warning lights. They sometimes continued to show when the weapon was not in use (essentially the same issue has the Obelisk crystal).
  • Orca Sensor upgrade is back at the Technology centre. Was at the Airfield, but because the Sonic grenade upgrade is no longer at the Tech centre (there is a space free) it's been moved back.
  • Changed the code for the Mammoth rocket and sonic weapons. They are now a lot more reliable when it comes to working together with the main cannon.
  • Mammoth Sonic grenade upgrade is now an 'OBJECT' upgrade (you research it at the Mammoth you want upgraded cost: $300), it is unlocked once you have built a Space Command Uplink. This means that a player has more flexibility when it comes to the Mammoths. Instead of being forced to lose all anti-air ability in order to get the increased anti-vehicle attack power, the player can now choose which Mammoths they want to upgrade.
  • Changed the Orca bombers heroic bombing run warhead from a sonic detonation back to standard. The sonic FX looked messy.
  • New Disruptor model:

  • Crystal crush beam is now visibly different. Allows for better preparation when coming up against Disruptors.
Disruptor Crystal crush beam

  • New Disruptor heroic only weapon: auto turret. This is an anti-infantry gun that will appear once your Disruptor reaches heroic rank, compared to the main weapon, it is no big deal.
  • Battle base now has a 'CANNON' weapon category. This is to make sure that the main weapon prefers vehicles has targets.
  • AI will no longer use the Component tower upgrades. They wasted a lot of credits, and had no idea what they were doing (they would sometimes purchase all the upgrades one after the other, and then go back to the original upgrade!).
  • AI can no longer target aerial units with the EMP grenades!
  • AI will now use the radar scan ability!
  • AI Fire hawks will now attempt to switch to AA missiles if enemy aerial units are detected in a certain range. They will only switch if they are landed at an Orca Pad.
  • New special power: Crystal crush.
  • Removed Tiberium wars airfield.
  • Removed Tiberian sun harvester. Now available from crates if enabled.
  • New structure: GDI Orca Pad. A Tiberian Sun concept structure.
  • New vehicle: Renegade harvester.
  • New vehicle: MLRS. From Tiberian dawn.
  • New static defence: GDI Jackhammer. From Tiberium.
  • New upgrade: Medic. From Tiberian Sun:

Changes for GDI since promotional news began

  • Jackhammer is now tier 4 (was tier 3). Requires Space Command Uplink.
  • Jackhammer now cost $4,000 (was $3,500).
  • Jackhammer no longer has an upgrade. Does not need it, because it can fire at artillery range by default!


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