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Balance adjustments for Release 6 that effect GDI.

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GDI Balance changes

Repair Bay

  • Repair bay drone speed increased 50% to 150 (was 100). This means even more efficient healing of multiple vehicles.
  • Repair bay drones will now heal allied vehicles. For team games this is a very big deal, especially if GDI is teaming with one of the side that do not have the Repair bay.
  • Targeted vehicle heal ability now works! I can see a few '5 drone repairing a Mammoth' scenarios.

Hover MLRS

  • Excluded 'AIRCRAFT' from the 50% 'VEHICLE' damage scalar. This is a big deal because it basically means that the HMLRS now does double the damage it used to aircraft (it can destroy Apache class aircraft in one volley!) . It was never intended for aircraft to be included in the vehicle damage reduction scalar, but I was not thinking correctly (all aircraft in Tiberium Wars have a 'VEHICLE' tag has well has an 'AIRCRAFT' tag, if you code that something effects items with the 'VEHICLE' tag it will effect aircraft also unless you specifically exclude the 'AIRCRAFT' tag).

Black Hawk

  • Reduced shroud clearance. Not so effective has a scout now.
  • Reduced loading\unloading delay to 1s (was 2s).
  • Increased take off\landing speed to 9 (was 6). Both these changes are designed to make Black hawk transport use more responsive, it should be a more reasonable alternative to the APC now.


  • Speed increased to 45 (was 40). Was just too slow!
  • Rocket warhead damage radius increased to 25 (was 15).
  • Rocket clip size increased to 4 (was 2).
  • Rocket warhead damage type changed to 'GRENADE' (was 'ROCKET'). The three changes to the rocket weapon are designed to give it more impact. The feeling I had was that the Mammoth rocket weapon was wholly unimpressive. This is not something that I had felt in past C&C (even if its only been infantry it has always been exceptional at some target). Now the rockets are fired in a more visually impressive quad burst, do a lot more damage to infantry and structures and even look and sound different when they explode! You might well have more reason to keep some of your Mammoths with their default weapon load out (now that the Sonic upgrade is done per Mammoth).
  • Rocket damage scalar VS 'AIRCRAFT' reduced to 150% (was 200%). Now that there are 4 rockets not so much damage is needed, but it is still an increase overall.
  • Sonic grenade reload time decreased to 3s (was 4s). To reflect that it is both per mammoth upgrade and also a higher tier weapon (4 vs 3).
  • Healing delay reduced to 0.2s (was 0.3s). Since it is required for the Mammoth to back away from conflict in order to start healing, the healing needed to be faster or the Mammoth had to be allowed to heal while taking damage. I choose to increase the healing speed, so now you do not have to wait so long before your Mammoths can rejoin the fight!

Orca Bomber

  • Health increased to 6,250 (was 5,000). The host of upgrades to static AA, and new anti-air aircraft, mean that the Orca bomber quickly became far too easy to shoot down (due to its slow speed). This should allow it to survive slightly longer.


  • Fixed Crystal crush beam damage VS vehicles that are associated with tiberium. I did not account for the fact that the Disruptor already did double damage to vehicles, so when I calculated the damage for the upgraded beam I ended up only having it do half the intended damage to tiberium associated vehicles.
  • Crystal crush beam no longer does extra damage to the Scrin Tripod or Devourer. Now that the damage has been fixed, it would pretty much mean that the Scrin had no options in terms of ground based attack against an upgraded Disruptor unless this change was made, if the Conversion reserve upgrade is purchased however, then the above vehicles will take extra damage.
  • The Disruptor can now clear garrisons along the entire length of the beam! Which means that things like this are possible:
Disruptor style garrison clear!

Battle Base

  • Increased missile clip to 4 (was 2). It was just too pathetic!
  • Battle base drones will now repair allied vehicles! This means that allied vehicles can also benefit from your Battle base which should promote more team play!
  • Reduced missile warhead damage to 200 (was 300). To account for the extra missiles.

Component Tower

  • Vulcan damage radius increased to 5 (was 3).
  • SAM cost reduced to 700 (was 800) experience points scaled to match. The SAM's health is a lot lower than other sides static AA, so the price is being lowered to reflect that.


  • Increased shroud clearance to 500 (was 400).

Orca Bombing Run

  • No longer damages allies.
  • Does extra damage to the Battle base. A higher chance of destroying a Battle base now.

Green = Buff
Red = Nerf
Blue = Neutral
Black = My comments.

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