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All the current changes to the Scrin in release 3.

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Scrin Changes


  • Fixed issues with description.


  • Changed style of description.
  • Testing of the 'Ion storm' death weapon is ongoing, it may need to be removed.

Scrin ship

  • New darker texture + changed the rainbow reference map, for a sombre version.
  • Redone damaged and really damaged FX + slight improvement on death FX.
  • Input correct geometry values so the areas that the ship gets hit in make visual sense.
  • New cameo to match the darker texture.
  • Now has house colour.
Damaged Scrin Destroyer - Close up


  • Damage FX changed from 'Infantry' to 'Alien infantry' to prevent it from bleeding red when hit by gun fire!

Stuff that I've probably never mentioned about release 2

  • The Buzzers, including Buzzers spawned from the Buzzer Hive, had
    their damage FX changed from 'Infantry' to 'Alien infantry' to prevent
    them from bleeding red blood when hit by gunfire!


  • Growth stimulator
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