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All the current changes to GDI in release 3.

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GDI Changes

Repair Bay

  • Back to release 1 texture.
  • New portrait\button image.

Predator Tank

  • Removed (replaced by Medium tank).


  • Tool-tip now correctly mentions 'Heroic' rank requirement for 'Shock grenades' ability.
  • Slight adjustment of firing, hit & damage FX.
  • Once tier 2 is reached, the skirmish AI will use the Titan in place of the 'Predator' (now medium tank).
  • AI will now use the 'Shockwave grenade' ability if it gets a Titan to 'Heroic' rank.
  • A Titan that reaches 'Heroic' rank will now be able to detect stealth, in a nod to its heroic ability in Tiberian Sun.


  • Now uses house colour.
  • Has 'lights' on night stages.
  • Now uses the 'ObjectGDI' shader.
  • Fixed a bug that meant a Humvee set to aggressive stance could attack aircraft that it could not damage, Humvees can now damage all aircraft.
  • Humvee experience points fixed, previously the Humvees experience was set at the level of a $700 unit, it is now correctly set for a $500 unit.
  • Taking the above into consideration, the Humvees health is reduced to 1800 (from 2000).
  • Weapon damage reduced from 36 to 31. Both changes are designed to reduce the effectiveness of early Humvee & Rocket squad spam.
Humvee at night


  • New heroic ability: EMP grenades.
  • Skirmish AI will now use EMP grenades if they manage to get a grenadier squad to 'Heroic' rank.
  • New portrait\button image.
  • Grenades now gibs infantry!

Hover MRLS

  • New smoke\fire trail for rockets.
  • Hover MRLS now follows contours of terrain rather than always remaining horizontal.
  • Fixed a bug that meant that a Hover MRLS could fall through a bridge and get stuck, if the bridge was above a river!
  • Skirmish AI will now build the Hover MRLS in place of the Juggernaut.
  • The AI will now use the 'Rocket barrage' if it manages to get a Hover MRLS to the 'Heroic' rank.
A small town in the UK...

Black Hawk

  • No longer provides 5000 experience points when destroyed!
  • 10% larger.
  • Now has house colour & uses the 'ObjectGDI' shader.


  • Railgun upgrade removed (no longer needed).


Zone Raider Drop


  • Now use 'tan' coloured uniform.

Medium Tank

Orca Bomber

  • Price increased to $2000, experience points adjusted to match.
  • An issue with the Orca bombers lift fans has been resolved.

Blue = Changes since internal beta.
Green = Changes from trials in the Best of Both Worlds R3.

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