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Battle of Crete v2.2 Mod based on real historical event during WW2 between May 20 and June 1 1941 as known as operation Mercury. There are two nations in the game presents - British Commonwealt and Germany.

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Battle of Crete 2.2

Compatible with patch 2.602
Improved AI for Germans!

Installation for winrar version:
Create desktop shortcut for RelicCOH.exe, in shortcut properties in Target field add " -dev -mod Battle_of_Crete"
(dont forget "space" before"-") (for example "C:\Program Files\THQ\Company of Heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -dev -mod Battle_of_Crete)

Changelog 2.2

- Improved german AI

Bug Fixes :

- Commandos now using camouflage correctly when build.
- DFS230 now have 4 population.


- Second phase cost decreased from 300 Manpower 60 Fuel to 200 Manpower 60 Fuel
- Motocycles got new ability to immobilize enemy vehicles
- PAK36 damage to tanks Stuart and Churchill and Bren Carrier reduced from 1 to 0,85, damage to Headquarters Command Truck reduced from 1,5 to 1,35
- Cost of Incendiary Grenade increased from 15 to 40 Munitions
- Cost of Kar98k upgrade increased from 15 to 40 Munitions
- Amount of ammunition in container increased from 15 to 40
- Received accuracy modifier removed from ability For the Fuhrer.
- Added call of two tanks Pz-2 for 1000 Manpower. This ability can be used only once per game.
- Medical Kit for germans costs 30 Munitions.
- JU52 got passive ability Healing Aura. This ability become active after upgrade of HQ to Defensive Operations and upgrade of Transport Aircraft to Aid Station
- Only one JU52 Available now.
- Anti Tank Grenade damage to tank Stuart was increased from 1 to 5, to tank Churchill from 1 to 3 and to Bren Carrier from 1 to 5.
- Gebirgsjägers getting Anti Tank Grenade from start.
- Anti Tank Grenade upgrade in 5th Gebirgs Division doctrine was replaced with Raid upgrade (bike can now capture Territory Sectors).
- Officier getting veteran upgrade only for defense, HMG squads and Mortar squads only for offense (Veterancy Panzer Elite from COH).
- Damage of PzB39 was twice reduced against Mortar gun nest, Machine gun nest, Bofors gun nest and Howitzer gun nest.
- Mortar squad got new ability Incendiary Mortar Round for 50 Munitions.

British Commonwealth

- Damage of tank Stuart to buildings increased from 0,5 to 0,8, damage of tank Churchill to buildings increased from 0,5 to 0,7.
- Population cost of tank Stuart increased from 6 to 9 and tank Churchill from 8 to 12 .
- Cost of Call in Churchill was reduced from 900 to 800 mp.
- New Zeland recon squad can detect units in camouflage state.
- Commandos got new ability Booby Traps to wire strategic points and ambient buildings.
- Speed of tank Stuart reduced from 6,5 to 5,5.
- Accuracy of Bofors 40mm cannon was increased against units with armor tp_infantry (Gebirgsjägers) from 0,2 to 1 and units with armor tp_infantry_soldier (Fallschirmjäger) from 0,15 to 0,75.
- Sappers squad size increased from 4 to 5.
- Sappers renforcement cost increased from 24 to 35.

Common changes

- Some new models, skins and sounds
- Polish translation added

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