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New additions quick reference


Light Tank MkII
Cost: $800
Tier: 1
Heroic: Double shot! ammo does splash damage.
Notes: Faster than medium tank, but less armour\attack power.
Medium Tank
Cost: $1100
Tier: 1
Upgrades: None
Cost: $2000
Tier: 3
Abilities: Temporal belt
Effective vs: All ground targets at close range
Heroic: 33% weapon range increase
Notes: Temporal belt provides 200% speed boost for 10 seconds


Rhino Tank MkII
Cost: $1200
Tier: 1
Heroic: Powerful shell that does large splash damage
Notes: Slower, but tougher and more powerful than Allied medium tank
Cost: $500
Tier: 1
War Factory
Cost: $2000
Tier: 1
Cost: $2000
Tier: 3
Upgrades: none
Notes: Self repairs. Does damage to anything it lands on when it's destroyed!
Mammoth Tank
Cost: $2500
Tier: 3
Heroic: Quad shot + Red rocket storm!
Notes: Rocket pods target ground and air. Very effective against infantry & structures.


There are a few additional crate surprises has well has a more traditional model for the crate. This is in addition to the standard C&C3 crate surprises.
Armour: Reduces damage by 75%, you can stack up to 3 of these (Reduce damage by up to 40%)
Fire power: Increase attack power by 140%, you can stack up to 3 of these (up to 220% damage)
Speed: Increase speed by 135%, you can stack up to 3 of these (Up to 205% Speed)
Explosives: A massive explosion damages anything caught in its blast. (You don't want to collect these!)


10 classic Red Alert tracks have been added to replace C&C3' god awful elevator music.


I have made a greater effort to get the AI to use the new units, I've done has much has I could without touching the actual skirmish code. The AI will use nearly all the new units, upgrades and abilities (with the exception that the Allies rarely bother to build the Light tank), so be warned that the AI will use Tanya's speed buff before they attack a building, they will use a heroic Longbows 'chronoshift' ability, Groups of Mammoth tanks will flank your base, Kirovs will attack in mass, etc.
Also be warned that the AI will often assign a unit to collect any crates that appear nearby to it. Hope that it doesn't send a Mammoth tank!

EA (no really)
Isotx studio ( ) For the Artillery, Mig, Hind, Longbow & badger bomber assets!
Golan, Stygs & Chronosheep (for tons of technical help)
Jonwil for his tools!
Bibber for his tools
Failure & Ion cannon for particleFX
Asuka's shaders.
Other people who I cannot remember at the moment.
Rhino\Light tank = Westwood
Rifle squad\Grenadier squad\Rocket Squad\Barracks Warfactory\Kirov\Tanya = EA
Hind\Longbow\Badger bomber\Artillery\Mig = Isotx
Conman = Abram
Pillbox\Soviet bunker\Crates = me!

Do not edit and then redistribute this mod.
Do not use any individual edits within this mod for any published mod.
Do redistribute this mod WITHOUT edits.
Do HAVE FUN! Visit and look for
my C&C history hints and tips for more info.

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