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Release that introduces improvements to the UI/UX experience ingame. The player no longer needs to reclaim stuck balls themselves. Plus an outcome screen is shown whenever the game ends to explicitly tell the player if they won or not.

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Release Notes

  • Removed forced delay between spawned balls.
  • Removed ingame action to refund stuck balls.
  • Added an automatic system to refund any stuck ball (a ball that hasn't hit a breakable tile or paddle in 15 seconds).
  • Changed the ball model to be a colored sprite to highlight the "stuckness" of a ball (under 5 seconds green, under 10 seconds yellow, under 15 seconds red).
  • Added an outcome overlay to catch the player before redirecting them to the level selection room. This overlay will show win or lose based on how the game ended. If the game was a win, then the final time is displayed as well.
  • Added an option for mouse input. The mouse lock and buttons are only used if this mode is enabled.
  • Improved the formatting of the time score.
  • Added new game level piano.

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