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Replaced original ASCII driven UI with a friendlier sprite driven one. The linear campaign that was the only way to play the game before was replaced with a open level selector. Spent some time during this release to sort out technical debt by better separating the responsibilities of entities and rooms. Also added two new levels.

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Release Notes

  • Complete replacement of original menu components.
  • Added a new room to allow for specific level selection.
  • Added new game levels pegs and slants.
  • Added an icon room to play around with some HUD blending and to include a more appropriate place for credits.
  • Options values now persist after getting the room to load and save configuration values from file.
  • Updated all the menus to no longer require a mouse lock.
  • Added an option to show or hide the FPS counter.
  • Removed the campaign high score since it didn't fit the new design.

Windows Executables

Source Code

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