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Release 1 of my small unit mod. Adds some classic units from Tiberian Dawn & Tiberian Sun. Enjoy.

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Command & Conquer Tiberian History
Beta 0.01

This is a small unit mod. It adds a few new units and that's it!

GOLAN (Titan model)
IOSTX studio (HUMVEE + M110 model)
New models by me
GDI Repair bay
Nod Turret

Changes/additions list
Nod infantry= Kane's wrath style skin + cameo
Repair Bay= Controls powerful repair drones
Predator tank= Now gains rocket pod when it reaches the heroic rank
Titan= Tier 2 walker. Gains a weapon upon reaching the heroic rank
Reaper tripod= Kane's wrath s Tripod! Can use conversion beam. Replaces the normal Tripod
Nod Turret= unpowered anti-tank base defense. Replaces the laser hub/turrets
The Avatar= Now only available has a Reinforcement power, comes with all standard upgrades. Requires Temple of Nod + an engineer!
Scrin Shielded Harvester= Has seen in Kane's wrath! replaces normal harvester.
Humvee= Recon unit. Replaces GDI Pit bull.
Mirage Squad= Nod Reinforcement power. Air drops 4 vehicles, including a couple of reskinned GDIbulldogs!
Nod artillery= Tier 2 artillery. Replaces the beam cannon.

Pay attention to above changes +
GDI no longer have the 'Bloodhound' or 'Shockwave' special power.
GDI Predators can no longer benefit from the 'Rail tech' upgrade.
GDI do not have the 'Pitbull mortar' upgrade (upgrade cannot be used by GDI)
GDI 'Rail tech' upgrade cost reduced to $3000/60 seconds from $5000/90 seconds

Nod no longer have the 'Shadow strike' or 'Seed tiberium' support powers.
Nod have a new upgrade 'Blue tiberium mix' which is researched at the 'Tiberium research center' cost $2000, 40 seconds research time. Effects Nod artillery only!

Please check and search for 'C&C Tiberian History: hints & tips' for more detailed info.

Do not edit and then redistribute this mod.
Do not use any individual edits within this mod for any published mod.
Do redistribute this mod WITHOUT edits.

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