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Dark Gates 0.2.1 is now available. Lot's of art updates and bugfixes.

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Dark Gates
DFour Games are happy to announce a new release of the Dark Gates. In this release there is no new features and main aim was bug fixing and art updates. There is actually a lot to show. Finally all monsters art is complete. All the spells art has been redone along with added animations. Each spell has a unique animation. Animations for damage and miss also has been added.
Art aside there is a good number of fixes to game. Game finally can be completed and Dark Gates are now playing their own part in fight. If Unnamed is fighting, gates will support him by casting Explosion spells. This makes quite a challenge so be prepared for beating. After a final battle with Unnamed, Dark Gates can now be destroyed (optional as you may want still to explore the labyrinth). Only way to do so is to use a hero with 'Dark Gates" skill in his portfolio, so make sure your team has such a person included. For full changelog check below.
Talking about team and heroes. With 0.2.1 release there is a limited offer be a hero in the game. For a special support amount you can become a hero in Dark Gates. If you decide to support, a Hero with your name and avatar made from your picture will be playable. check out for more details and how be involved.
There will be videos and tutorials posted to show what's in 0.2.1 and how to play the game. You can play the 0.2.1 on Desura.
PS: Currently OSX version has not yet been updated. I'm working on it.

Release 0.2.1 alpha
New: In fight animations for spell : Heal , Magic Shield, Magic Armour, Magic Strike, Lightning, Explosion, Fireworks, Resurrection, God's Wrath, Strength, Blessing
New: In fight animation for damage, miss
New: Art for Minotaur, Demon, Goblin, Ogre, Warg, Werewolf, Unnamed, Hydra, Spider
New: Spider is replacing Chimera
New: Dark Gates have own exploration event - Destroy Dark Gates
New: In fight when team fights against the Unnamed, Dark Gates attack as well
Change : New art for spell icon : Heal, Magic Shield, Magic Armour, Magic Strike, Lightning, Peace, Explosion, Fireworks, Resurrection, God's Wrath, Strength, Blessing
Bugfix: bug where game is crashing if player will choose an empty space in hero selection (doors, item exploration)
Bugfix: When resetting a game while playing, party stats were persistent between resets.
Bugfix: In Fight finally shows avatars of all monsters in mixed parties
Bugfix: Dark Gates now are being placed only once.
Bugfix: Dark Gates are drawn behind monsters.
Bugfix: If party of monsters has more than one type display info correctly in monster menu
Bugfix: Magic results are now random.
Bugfix: Game no longer breaks when going to party selection screen after comeback from game ( in game -> options -> Main Menu)
Bugfix: If Dark Gates are on first level, team needs to find second mirror to reveal correct position of the Dark Gates
Bugfix: In Fight game breaks if Monster attacks and only one hero is still alive
Bugfix: Resurrection spell is breaking the game (not working)
Bugfix: Resurrection spell info and cost.
Bugfix: After language change game still present spells description in previous language in team selection screen
Bugfix: Few Polish texts don't show polish characters
Bugfix: Spell can't be selected if hero have less live than cost of the spell
Bugfix: Sound delay on Windows OS
Bugfix: Typos in English translation
Bugfix: Dark Gates will only reveal itself if second mirror has been found

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