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Command & Conquer: Red Alert history Beta 0.01 A small unit mod. The idea is to slowly add to this whenever I feel like it.... which could be never! (See Tiberian History) The idea is a continuation of my first mod Tiberian history, which came about because I disliked some of EA's new ideas and longed for some of the classic units. There is no fixed style for the units C&C 3 interpretation, it could be in game asset, cameo, FMV or concepts, whatever has inspired me and continues to inspire me.

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New additions quick reference
Rocket squad

Cost: $400
Tier: 1
Upgrades: None
Effective vs: Vehicles & Air units
Weak vs: Gun\grenade damage
Notes: Rate of fire double normal missile squad.
Cost: $1000
Tier: 2
Upgrades: None
Effective vs: Structures & mass infantry
Weak vs: anything that can get to it
Notes: Has a large minimum range for its weapon, your finished if ANYTHING gets within this range.
Cost: $1100
Tier: 2
Upgrades: Chaingun (per unit upgrade)
Effective vs: Vehicles & structures
Weak vs: All anti-air
Notes: Has 8 anti ground missiles.
Cost: $600
Tier: 1
Power drain: 2
Effective vs: Infantry & light vehicles
Notes: Has 50% more health than watchtower. Cannot fire through buildings

Rifle squad
Cost: $200
Tier: 1
Upgrades: none
Effective vs: engineers, rocket squads
Weak vs: The rest
Notes: Faster than militants, you can now try to get to a garrison 1st!
Grenadier squad
Cost: $800
Tier: 1
Effective vs: Infantry & buildings
Weak vs: Snipers and commando class infantry. Vehicle based anti-infantry.
Notes: garrison clearer
Cost: $1100
Tier: 2
Upgrades: Rocket pods (per unit)
Effective vs: Infantry
Weak vs: Vehicle based anti-air
Notes: Rocket pods are grenade based, but Hind cannot clear garrison.
Cost: $1500
Tier: 3
Upgrades: none
Effective vs: Vehicles\Structures\Air units
Weak vs: Anti-air defenses & anti-air infantry
Notes: Can only hit 1 target per run.
Soviet bunker
Cost: $1200
Tier: 1
Power drain: N\A
Effective vs: Depends on garrisoned units
Weak vs: artillery class units
Notes: 50% rate of fire boost for infantry garrisoned inside. Invulnerable to garrison clearing weapons.
Badger bomber
Cost: free
Tier: 2 (ability is tied to the Nod hanger)
Effective vs: All ground based targets
Weak vs: Interceptor class aircraft.
Notes: Once the hanger is built you must wait 3 minutes & 30 seconds before use, and the same amount of time for each additional use.

Westwood (the inspiration)
EA (no really)
Isotx studio ( ) For the Artillery, Mig, Hind, Longbow & badger bomber assets!
Golan (for tons of technical help)
Jonwil for his tools!
Asuka's for her shaders.
Other people who I cannot remember at the moment.
Rifle squad\Grenadier squad\Rocket Squad = EA
Hind\Longbow\Badger bomber\Artillery\Mig = Isotx
Pillbox\Soviet bunker = me!
Do not edit and then redistribute this mod.
Do not use any individual edits within this mod for any published mod.
Do redistribute this mod WITHOUT edits.
Do HAVE FUN!Visit and look for
my C&C history hints and tips for more info.

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