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Thanksgiving Update! Well it doesn't have much to do with thanksgiving... but it's an update!

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Happy Thanksgiving for those who have been patiently waiting for this mod. After my break I talked about last update, I've been getting back into Hammer and working on some maps again. I am starting work on the third major chapter of the game, and I have added one new screenshot and teaser video to the home page. Trying to describe what I'm doing for this chapter is hard without spoiling any story. But basically in this chapter I am porting some maps from Half Life Source and while you'd think porting maps would be easier than building them, HLS's build of the Source Engine use older ways of managing triggers and other things like NPC's for example, similar to how GoldSrc handled things. So I am having to rebuild many events manually for Portal, and also modify the maps to be a little more portal friendly. So that's the new challenge for a few of these maps, and as I tackle them I will be sure to keep you all posted!

As of writing this I hadn't done it yet, but soon I will be replacing most of the early build screenshots with fresh new ones from the current build. That's all for now!

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