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First of many somewhat regular updates. Read to find out more!

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At first I wasn't sure about announcing this game as early as I did. I was worried that some people may think that the mod will die right after being announced. And well people on this page and even through Discord have mentioned how little hope they have for this mod to be released. But dangit I was excited to tell people about this game so here we are. To make sure people are reassured the mod isn't dead, I am going to start posting somewhat regular updates.

The beginning so far was a little rough. However we have a small little team of people making this mod possible. We had to import, export, and modify and bunch textures and models. The first couple of maps are similar to Half Life's opening, so the real meat of the game really starts after the intro. And boy, the intro sure did take longer than the test at the pace I am going at. But now that we are mostly done modifying and importing things into the mod, it's mostly just map making and voice acting for the test chambers.

I am unsure how many tests will be in the game, but I have many, many ideas for tests that I hope to be able to actually make. I have also been thinking more about the story. At first it was just basically Gordon in the multiverse where Aperture does a thing, but as I have been working on the game, I have been thinking of actual story ideas. In fact, I have a big idea for the end. Of course no spoilers, so don't worry.

I won't try to add too many early preview screenshots, but I recently added some new ones of the early test chambers.

I hope this post sparks a bit more hope into the people who thought this mod will die soon. See you all soon with the next update!

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