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An update for Duel of the Fates and possible release schedule.

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A question we're sure on many minds right now; where is this updated Duel of the Fates?

The answer is simple: It's taking longer than expected.

We don't like that it's taken this long, it's a massive pain that it's been several months for one mission that's basically pre-made. However, with many changes going on in Linken's life; a new job, a new home, and less free time, it's difficult to find time to work on the mod.

You all have waited long enough, so we will be attempting to make the wait worth it.

Upon completion of Duel of the Fates' fixes for each POV, we will release the mission as an Open Beta, including the bonus cutscene in Palpatine's office for each respective POV.

We pray this can begin to make up what has been a very unbearably long wait, and we do apologize and we are very grateful for your patience.

Obi-Wan's POV is nearly completed, with the good and bad endings remaining. Upon completion, it will be released, followed eventually by Obi-Wan's extended endings, then Qui-Gon, and finally Darth Maul respectively.


You should really take your time with all of this - what you guys delivered with KotF 2.1 was already a pretty massive achievement, especially compared to what the mod looked like before you guys came along. Having to take breaks and care of yourselves is honestly the only right to do considering the amazing amount of effort that was already put into this mod. I really appreciate all this work, and personally would rather see the devs be healthy and putting out only occasional updates as time and life allows for than churning out patches all the time while feeding into a toxic work schedule.

Good luck and thank you for all you have done so far.

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