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Minor bugfix markes the first non-beta release of Redux UI.

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With no planned releases before Unification Mod or Redux is updated, I decided to name this most recent release Redux UI 1.0. As usual, it's available both seperately and as a combined download with ziro7745's FX pack.

If you're not running into any RAM-related issues in your games, I also recommend my Upscaled Portraits addon.

You should also check out ziro7745's Reshade Preset that's specifically customized for his FX pack!

Known issues in 1.0

  • "Change players" mode isn't working.
  • Campaign is untested, and there will presumably be some issues with it.
  • New UI reveals a summoning-ability for Adeptus Mechanicus Archmagos that has no icon or description.

Other things to note

  • The UI is made with 1080p or higher in mind (most of the screenshots are in 1440p). While you can use the UI on lower resolutions, it will result in some missing information in the unit-counters part of the UI, and overlapping text in the unit title card.
  • Tyranid influencebar has been replaced with the bloodbar from World Eaters. This is because it doesn't require me to adapt the rest of the texture for it to work.
  • There are no custom skins for races apart from what is included in the current version of Redux mod. If you make a skin for a race, I would happily include it in the mod!
  • This isn't the final iteration of Redux UI. As Eranthis makes updates to his UI, I will make sure to include them in the mod.
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