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A brief mission statement from the developer of RedRev.

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Hey, ModDB community!

I've always wondered why they didn't include a communist type of faction in the original Fallout 3 game, considering it's such a major part of the Great War that resulted in the destruction by nuclear armament. So, I decided to make my own.

Originally, it was nothing more than a blogspot where I posted installments in the on-going adventurers of a Brotherhood Outcast, scouring for lost technology across the Capital Wasteland. Eventually, I got the idea of including these journal entries within a computer terminal somewhere in the game using G.E.C.K., which spawned the idea of placing his journal entries as notes throughout the world.

I decided to scrap this idea, because of a lack of interest by the community. To be honest, it's not as engaging a storyline as fighting for peace alongside communist revolutionaries, is it?

So, I began developing this mod, which is based on the Bread, Instead of Bullets Party.

Basically, the idea revolves around you, the lone wanderer of Vault 101 who emerges into a political conflict between the remnants of pre-war America (the Enclave) and a techno-religious group of war profiteers caught in a struggle of "this town ain't big enough for the two of us". You will be able to choose a Third Way; either the communist's path of peace... or the path of ultimate corruption.


Make sure to check out the other hubs available, and help support!
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