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Woo my pc should be updated soon!!someone has let me use there pistol skin and i just got a bunch of new ideas!

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someone has let me use there pistol skin for this mod, and it is a nice one...i just need to find a program to edit the animations (and add new ones).I could realy use some help with textures, but i guess the default half life 2 textures should do for now. Here is a list of extra ideas i think you'll like, if you dont just tell me and i'll think about removing it.

Ripper (headcrab sorta creatures, will add pics when scanner is sorted)
Ripper zombie (equipes weapons, pretty tough)
Bombs (look like civilians, explode when too close)

Now more of a singleplayer feel (scripted events, stuff like that)

Chain shotty (chaingun with shotgun bullets,working on the name)

Ok what do you think of those ideas??

UPDATE: i've added the updated IAU logo and will make some cool pics in gimp

UPDATE #2: 29/1/2013.
Having second thoughts about this mod. I don't want to stop making it but i don't want it going in this direction either. I may completely redo the storyline, the gameplay and the style. Please stay tuned.

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