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Progress Report as of 1:35 am April 24, 2015 This basically sums up what I have done lately and how the 2nd faction is doing, and possibly what I can do more for the Angel Wings!

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Angel Wings for the most part is done.
However, I do feel like I should give Hovercraft and Helicopter Tech Trees more Depth.

Red Skulls is almost complete!
-2 Mech Units are left.
-Needs More aircraft-- I need more inspiration.
-Drone Tech Tree is in planning stage.
-Finishing up Tanks Tech Tree, I need a good replacement for the Dragon Tank, Gatling Tank and Overlord.

Red Skulls Aircraft:
-I could just grab more Aircraft from my Cutezome Mythos, but some of them are OP in terms of the Mythos also it wouldn't make sense why the Cutezomes would still build them.
-The Death Label part does provide some non-OP generic Cutezome Aircraft
-Blue Savior is out of the list since its a Prototype craft and it was too unorthodox to be used mass produced since the Cutezomes are still perfecting Plasma-Energy Engines.
-Fire Bomber is a good candidate, it can put down fire sentries.

Well, that's a few ideas.

There comes a time where I may wanna get people to playtest this in private.
And I'm also looking for people who can script AI for this mod-- I'm trying this myself as well, but my attention span is jack-terrible.

PM me here if you're interested.

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