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We would like to share this awesome video showing the level design breakdown of our game. It shows all the steps from concept to final product.

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Our final build is out, and to celebrate the conclusion of this project we would like to share a video with the community. This video is the level design process that we had gone through.

The last thing I would mention is that the design process is different for everyone. Some of us skipped the paper design due to the fact we were already familiar with making levels. The two more common ways to create a level is to design the level around a gimmick, or around geometry.

When we design the level around a gimmick, we would chose a main action we want the player to perform in that level, and then create geometry to support that action. For example the level 3 of the second world, we want the player to land on both sides of a platform in the level. That was the gimmick. The entire geometry in that level is just to force the player to perform that action.

The level 18 of the last world had no particular gimmick. That puzzle was designed around the geometry itself, which usually requires a little bit more planning. Some of us did paper design for that, others would just play around with the level editor until they get the “feeling” they were looking for.

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