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Link to the mod is included in the description. Post any and all bug reports there, not here.

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November 21st, 1963. After the Red Army decisively crushed American and Canadian forces in the Northwest Territories on October 7th, 1963, within a month-and-a-half, Canada has surrendered to the Soviet Forces. Several American counter-attacks were sent to repel the Soviets, but all have failed. Several weeks ago, the United States and the major powers of Europe have declared war on the USSR and all Warsaw Pact nations.Meanwhile, the Afrika Kommunist Partya, a Russo-African communist revolutionary party, has risen up in Northern Africa, specifically in the countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt. On November 10th, 1963, several days after the declaration of war, the communist revolutionaries have risen up, and are revolting against their respective governments. Foreign advisors to the government, chiefly British and French, have assisted the governments of Northern Africa to form the NAC, North African Coalition, to combat the massive revolution. However, unbeknownst to the advisors, this is an extremely corrupt regime, and its armies, though numerous, are atrocious in quality. As Spetsnaz agent Sgt. Ivan Chernokovsky, you have been selected to assist the revolutionaries. STAVKA is placing a good deal of faith in you after your incredible feats in the Northwest Territories, and expects you to execute the task with no little expertise.In this mission, you have just been paradropped to your LZ, an abandoned homestead in the isolated deserts of Southern/Mid-Egypt. You must infiltrate a nearby government base and execute the colonel, who has sentenced tens of thousands of people in a nearby city to execution on allegations of Communist Party affiliations.

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