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Red Avenue is now going to be final year University Project, you can be part of my research

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For those who never stumbled across this in the summer. Red Avenue was a horror themed MOD that I was going to make, and it was going really well, until my PC packed in and I lost my roll and drive for the project. Now that I am in my final year of University, I have decided to make it part of my final year project, so I'll outline here what the game will be about and what I'm hoping to achieve.

I am basically going to make a short level or sequence of levels, please note it WILL NOT be full length as I only have a limited amount of time, unless I have caffine on a drip. The level will explore whether or not puzzles can be used effectively in order to combat enemies, so there will be no conventional weapons (this is part of my project research). The level include enemies that you cannot see, i.e. spirits, you will have to rely on sound to determine where they are. In order to make them go away and defeat them you'll need to complete a number of puzzles which result in the area where the spirits are present being illuminated, thus making them disappear.

From Janurary through till April i'll be aiming to release a build at the start of each month for play testing where, hopefully, I can have some people give feedback on the progress, starting from very basic level designs and puzzles where there will be limited props etc onwards to fully furnished levels with the new HUD etc.

This might not sound like a triple A title, but this is just a final year University project that I am doing where I'm required to do something a bit different. Any help will be greatly appreciated. In the coming weeks I'll release some developement screenshots of how the level is looking, so It won't be a case of wait a couple months to see where I'm at. I removed the previous screenshots as they will be slightly different.

Also, if/when commenting to this page Mod, please take care as to what you are writing, anything with use of bad language etc, the usual stuff people warn you off about, it'll be deleted as this page and comments may be used as a reference in my report.

Thanks again :)


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