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In this update I demonstrate the newly made City level which comes after the Prison level demonstrated in Update 62. I walkthrough the level, demonstrate majority of new functions and new AIs. Feel free to share and leave feedback!

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In this update I show the city level, which comes after the prison level. This is one of biggest levels in the game, has over 40 NPCs, including Sniper NPC, Pistol NPC, Assault Rifle NPC and SMG NPC. I have written my own weapon shader, which uses diffuse, normal, specular and gloss maps. I have demonstrated a new developer console I made and a new settings menu I made.

Our animator Hans has been working on new animations for the project, so far he has reanimated the AKS-74u and the M4A1. Adrien and I myself (Roman) have been working on new props for the city level.

In the developer console I demonstrate the Time, Gravity and Find commands, there are by far more, but I haven't showed them yet. I have also started working on Player saving script, it saves general values on the player, but not everything yet, so in next Update this feature will be fully ready!


That was really awesome! And not to be a **** (because I cant even make a game half this good), but the map does, however seem kinda devoid of life aside from soldiers, if you could I'd totally add civilians. Otherwise it's great-- especially the gun shader.

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RedAllianceGames Author

Thanks for feedback :)
The map isn't done yet, I will add more stuff to it, and make it look more abandoned. I won't add civilians because this part of the city is in control under enemy control who took over the city.

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No prob!

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