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In this Update I worked on the forest level in Phase 2 of campaign, improved physics, added a new level with completely new atmoshphere, and a lot more!

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In the follwoing Update I have changed the first level of Phase 2, made it snowy, added multiple vehicles around the map, added realistic water, added abbility to climb ladders and swim in water. Also I improved the physics in the game, now the objects can float on water and make impact noise if they hit something. In adition, I made a new level with toxic radioactive water in it, which harms the player when he steps in it.

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here are some small issues i would like to adress to you, after watching this movie above;
-jeep looks very much still like the one from Half Life 2, i did tell this before in older comments of mine. Not
sure if you did comment on that. Should you want to sell this game, ask money for it then maybe Valv could complain
about this.
-you said you will work more on snow particles, what is good. still would like to say some things about them;
The snow particles in the distance have the same size as close to the player, and some really close to the player were much to large, looked like they had the size of a human hand.
-i like the shooting in water particle, although one part of it had a brown color, should be all blue/white ofcourse.
-the new hand skin looks great, although it does shine a bit, like the hands are wet. Also, when the hands didn't had a weapon in them, at start movie, they looked kind of disformed odd.
-the red barrels could use more detail, they now look like pilars, also, because there red people will expect they will explode when shot at.
-when the jeep stood still there was still sand/snow coming from tires like the car was driving, see 6:30 min in movie.

please know that i say all these things with the best intention, love what your making here. keep up the great work!!

happy new year,

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