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Probably the largest total conversion project for Red Alert 3 at the moment. Entropy greatly expands the gameplay and universe in a lore-friendly way.

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Entropy 0.4.0 what's new

The Entropy project got a new major update - 0.4.0. I am glad to say that we have become even closer to the release of the full version of the mod.

Red Alert 3 - Entropy 0.4.0 (Beta)

This is the biggest update since the start of development. It contains massive changes in gameplay and plenty of bug fixes.

Important: due to changes made in game schema files, players may have trouble loading old saves. I recommend that you complete all started games before updating.

New factions have no dedicated AI commanders yet. It means that i do not recommend you choose a random opponent in a skirmish to avoid crashes.

Over the next two weeks, i will actively fix the bugs you found.

Some of the changes:


China 1



Psychic Dominion



Warning: due to limitations in the game engine, when adding new factions to the game, old saves may stop working. Two of the factions - Republic and Psychic Dominion, do not have units yet, since they were added only so that you do not have to rewrite your saved games every single update. They will get their units in the future updates, you can see the full list of planned units at our wiki.

Top-Secret Protocols

Zero waste

Zero Waste

Get rid of production waste by using it as a weapon! It causes every Soviet explosion to leave an irradiated area and increases the effect duration of all toxins.

Grinder treads

Grinder Treads

As a bonus, it speeds up all vehicles that have tracks.


Chase 1Spartan 1Armstrong

Units and Structures

Allied Nations

  • Black Ops HQ
  • Jammer Turret
  • Perseus ADS


  • Crusader MCV
  • Power Plant
  • Ore Refinery
  • Barracks
  • War Factory
  • Airfield
  • Cryodrone
  • Mercenary
  • Cutter
Empire of the Rising Sun
  • Elite Dojo
  • Trauma Station
  • Holo Drone

Soviet Union

  • Spetsnaz HQ
  • Siege Tower
  • Desolator Tower
  • Spetsnaz


  • New FX for Tesla charging effect
  • New models for the units such as: Terminator, Chrono Tank, and etc
  • Added cut out of the game Peacekeeper's animations
  • Added dust and dirt effect for the Soviet tanks
  • New area of effect decals
  • And more


  • Increased attack range of MiG, Apollo and Tengu in flying mode
  • Reduced Pacifier's machineguns damage from 18 to 15, HP from 1300 to 1000
  • Increased Dreadnought's damage
  • Oblivion's new behaviour
  • Desolator's new behaviour
  • Tesla plane's new behaviour
  • All commandos improve the combat capabilities of the friendly infantry
  • Pathfinder's and Archer maiden's HP to 150 from 100
  • Sunburst drone build time to 4 from 5
  • Increased Siege trooper's rate of fire
  • Oblivion is buildable in Imperial Naval Yard
  • Rebalanced armor of the Tesla Troopers
  • Increased Tanya's damage against basic infantry to 150 from 90
  • Reduced shinobi's rate of fire under the effect of the ability
  • Added suppression effect to Commissar's machinegun
  • Commissar's machinegun rate of fire and attack range increased
  • Reduced Commissar's speed to 55 from 60
  • Pathfinder's damage to 175 from 150
  • Commissar's effect makes infantry immune to suppression
  • Desolation rework
  • Pathfinder can attack mortar cycles
  • Increased speed of Pathfinder's bullets
  • Attack dog now can attack dolphins
  • Commissar effect is not stackable anymore
  • Commissar detects spies
  • And more

Follow the news and thank you for your support!

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