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Version 1.0.2 of RA20XX is now out! Find out what you can expect here.

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Welcome back commanders!

Patch 1.0.2 just released (available here)! This means that, slowly, RA20XX is heading toward version 1.1. In this new patch, you'll find new units, revamped ones, brand new SFX and, of course, balance change and bugfixes. So let's dive in what 1.0.2 has to offert to Red Alert 20XX.

==========Version 1.0.2 Highlights==========

  • Launcher : The most noticeable change for newcomers will undoubtely be the integration of RA20XX to the CNCNet Client, if you didn't see my last article. Enjoy!
  • New unit : The Eastern Republic has a new fitting Mammoth Tank replacement, the Grasshopper "flying Mammoth" Siege Helicopter :

Replaces the Mammoth Tank for the ER

User Posted Image

Role : Long Range, Anti-Air
Weapons : Mammoth Tusk Missiles (airborne) + Dual Long Range 120mmx (deployed)
Note : The Grasshopper is a heavy helicopter that uses air-to-ground and air-to-air Mammoth Tusk Missiles when airborne. Once deployed, it will switch to its double heavy cannon. Beware, since it is quite vulnerable to close range attack when deployed.
Credit : Crazy Bird/Creator (exclusive voxel for his mod and RA20XX)

  • New unit : The European Union ditches it's signature Grand Cannon for a more mobile solution, the Damocles Heavy Artillery :

Unique Unit for the EU

User Posted Image

Role : Long Range
Weapon : Heavy Cluster Shell
Note : The Damocles has formidable range and can inflict a lot of damage to enemy's units and structure. However, it is quite slow and must be protected against direct confrontation and air assaults.
Credit : Crazy Bird/Creator (exclusive voxel for RA20XX)

  • New unit : The Berzerker is a new tier 3 infantry available to all Allied subfaction :


User Posted Image

Role : Anti-Infantry
Weapon : Dual Vulcan Cannon
Note : The Berzerker Battle Armor is designed to support armor division against infantry assault. With its dual miniguns, it can mow down infantries with ease, but has much more trouble handling heavier foes.
Credit : Lao Tze

  • Unit change : The Spartan Buggy now takes the role of the IFV in a attempt to make it more useful than a mere recon unit. It also has a new voxel :

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
Credit : Crazy Bird/Creator (exclusive voxel for RA20XX)

  • Unit change : In regard to the new IFV change, the Hydra IFV is now replaced by the older Armadillo APC, which disappeared from version 1.0.1. Its role is now to be a troop transporter, and has a new voxel too :

User Posted Image
Credit : Crazy Bird/Creator (exclusive voxel for RA20XX)

  • New model : The Dragoon has a new voxel, since I'll be progressively removing all helicopter units from the Allied roster :

User Posted Image

Credit : Crazy Bird/Creator

  • New model : The twinblade has an updated voxel :

User Posted Image
Credit : Kerbiter (for the original voxel), Mig Eater (for the rotors) and Yamanekoayf (for the edits),
exclusive voxel for RA20XX

  • New model : The Atlas Control Station has a new model, more fitting for the Allied theme :

User Posted Image

Credit : Xuetainyi, HG_SCIPCION and 厕纸大盗 (exclusive for his mod 瞎几把玩, but was kind enough to share it for RA20XX)

  • Other notewhorty units changes : the Tunguska is now available to all Soviet countries, the Inferno Cannon is now named the Fallout Cannon, the Medic and the Helix have better targetting system, the Hypnos Jammer will now detect submarines and cloaked units.
  • New SFX : The Atlas Cannon and the Nuke have new animation.
  • Light vehicles will now send their vehicle carcass flying in the air when destroyed :

User Posted Image

  • Some units will now leave bullet or shell casing on the ground :

User Posted Image

  • Other notewhorty graphic changes : Explosions leave more craters on the ground, new craters from TS, paradroping infantry will now fall to the ground when killed mid-air and new urban terrain, using OmegaBolt's temperate terrain (conversion by ayylmao/XxpeddyxX).
  • Other : Removed all C&C Remastered assets (cameos, music) to conform to EA's modding guideline.

For the rest of the bugfixes or the minors balances adjustments, check the changelog in v1.0.2's readme file.

==========What's next==========

First things first, I'll take a break. It doesn't mean I won't work at all on the mod, but I'm starting to feel modding fatigue and the best way to get past it is doing something else... like playing Cyberpunk 2077 at launch, for example.

Then, if 1.0.2 can be considered the artillery and helicopter update, version 1.0.3 will definitely be the Pacific Shogunate revamp update. I intend on changing most of their specific units, making sure that they are unique enough with the rest of RA20XX unit roster and that they differ much more than Red Alert 3's Imperial Japan. But this update should add other things : more options for the CNCNet Launcher, more units change for the USA, more SFX for railguns and building destruction and more custom voxels. One thing I'll really like to finish and present is RA20XX's lore, but I lack the motivation to do so. As of now, if you really need to know more about the mod's universe, just know that it takes place after the events of the Soviet victory in Red Alert 1. This however, doesn't mean the Soviet won in the long term, since Stalin's death threw the Union in many internal conflict...

For now, this is all. Enjoy the new update and feel free to contact me on C&C Modding Haven on Discord!

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