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We took a long break, but now be begin the final phase of development.

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So, we took a long break, participated in a game jam, created a new game, slept a bit more, and now with refilled power we jump into the final segment of the development of Rect.We don't have much left but it requires a lot of work. We are doing the Mac port this week, and start to work on the LAN next, and we plan to finish until about next weekend, so we would have time to test LAN, clean up the code, and finish this project properly.

Things like new game-mechanics are not to be expected. The game as it is, is finished, and you probably won't feel a big difference between v1.6 and the final version (no version number). But as it was pointed out at the "C3 '<19' Freesytle Informatics Cometition", the only thing, this game lacks is a way to play it not localy, for those who have the need for it.We didn't want "proper" multiplayer, since the whole point of Rect, is shouting at your friends when playing locally. But if you are annoyed by the lack of space on a keyboard, or just want to shout to the next room, you will have the chance, without the corruption of the original experience.

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