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We've finally finished Rect 1.5. It was a long process in development, but it worth it. Available now!

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Finally we are done with Rect 1.5. After many hours of development, sweat, blood, and a lot of time spent with testing, we can finally consider it done.

What's new:

  • New menu elements (e.g the game can remember the player setup, and after the first time, players can jump immediately to choosing a map)
  • Changed menu background
  • Added manual to all powerups
  • Added new freezing powerup
  • Tweaked TUEHMOÜ, less frequent roll, more shake
  • Tweaked Invert powerup, now only in TUEHMOÜ
  • Tweaked Preset Controls, the layout is more comfortable (changed F to Shift and L to Spacebar)
  • Tweaked AI
  • Added player name above each player's rectangle at the start of a round
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs

It was a long development process, but it was worth it as the game became much better. Many tweaks are based on user feedback.The toughest thing during this last development phase was joining IndieDB. Now we are working on reaching out to more people, through IndieDB and YouTube.
What's to come:

  • Adding LAN support
  • Adding new maps
  • Possibly adding new Powerups
  • Mac and Linux port (note: we are having hardware problems, as we have access to an Apple computer, but not to a Linux machine)

And as we speak, it seems we've found a new bug. Back to fixing, rebuilding, and so on.

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