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A Summery for the Reign of Conflagration Recruitment Drive

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Command Activated

Opening Battlefield Control.....
Battle Control Exstabished

Verify General Name.....
SmasherJackson, Secondary United Nations Command
Verification Complete

Opening News Files:
Hello again, fellow watchers and soldiers of Reign of Conflagration (Used to be Frontlines of Terror). We are currently recruiting some staff members to help out for Frontlines of Terror. We have some plans for new Maps for Missions, Skirmish Maps and possible Voices for vehicles and infantry for the mod, here if you wish to be part of the Spotlight for Reign of Conflagration, you will need to show your talents and your tricks of the trade related to C&C Generals Zero Hour. For requirements, we will require some Voice Actors, Mappers for Skirmish Missions and Mission-Addons, Scripters and concept artists for Maps and Missions.

If you wish to help and contribute to the team, feel free to contact either GollumG or SmasherJackson via PM and if you will be required to show some examples of what work you can do, you can show us 1 or 2 examples of work you have made over your experience. Once we have spoken to you, we will take a decision with the team to see if your therefore suitable for the role.

Also an update from the Front, a new Faction known as the New Andes Armada of South America will be present in Reign of Conflagration, but since Generals can only support around 15 Factions and which may cause some problems for you guys, we will have a system for where you start off with a Command Center for all Factions in Skirmish Mode and you can choose your type of General for your faction. once you have chosen your General or the Original Port of the Faction, the Command Center will change to the Command Center of that specific type (Inspired by Rise of the Reds) which will be present for the Original Factions and the New Factions for Reign of Conflagration.

If you have any information or wish to join, PM GollumG or SmasherJackson if your interested in joining Reign of Conflagration or you have any questions or if you require information on what Reign of Conflagration is about.

That is all.

End Transmission
Battlefield Control Terminated
Signing Off

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