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Recruitment call for Destination Hostile! Help is required badly x3

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I'm looking for an animator to help me with the creation of Cinematic Physics, using an external program such as 3DS Max and RayFire. I've tried myself, and can't even get the bloody plugin installed.

I'm also looking for artists, and mappers to help out with the decoration and such. Chamber Designs will be considered should one be sent in (just draw it!), and if its possible, will probably be included somehow. Play-testers aren't really needed right now :3

I'd need a demonstration that you can actually do the job of course, but i doubt i'll be getting many applications (if any!).

If you wish to help me out, drop a note in the comment box, message me on here, or email me (probably the best bet) at spamcan00 (at)

Thanks in advance ^.^

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